Is it time to focus on yourself? Going girly or in any way confused for what to have in your makeup kit to enhance yourself? Great, then nothing to worry as we are here to suggest to you each and every essential for your makeup kit. From a primer under your face cream to the highlighter on your cheeks will make its place in your clutch.

On top of that, this era of e-commerce will give you all your essentials at a few clicks only. Websites like Ulta which are specialized in the makeup field will fulfill your needs at an optimum level and that is without any compromise.

Essential Items for Every Makeup Kit

Whether it is a party or a regular outing, every woman needs a perfect brigade of items in their makeup kit to complete their essential look. Missing these items would be equivalent to eating a cake without sugar, it exists but it does not fulfill the basic purpose. With this perfect guide for stacking up the essential items, you can be assured of having a makeup kit that would not disappoint you on any occasion.

Eyelash extensions

They are real game-changers. These will bring more attention to your eyes. They are quite simple to use, so you can apply false eyelashes yourself at home with only a few basic makeup tools: glue, tweezers and lash curlers. First, you need to choose the appropriate eyelashes, then place them as close as possible to your lash line, apply the glue and let it dry.

Nude and Red Lipstick

Without lipstick, the makeup will never be complete. To not only give a finish but for a perfect look have a nude and red lipstick. The colors will keep your lookup from the day tonight. Brands like Mac and L’Oreal will have a long time effect and the quality will automatically make you their fan. A nude and red lipstick shall not only give you options to alternate but also are the basic colors to compliment any style, attire, or event.

Moisturizer and Primer

Makeup should not ruin your naturals, so taking care of your skin is the most preferred thing. So, firstly select a moisturizer that will suit your skin type. With my suggestion, you can go for CeraVe Moisturizer which is lightweight and fits every skin type from normal to dry.

For an unreal base, take a layer of luminous face primer with other qualities of hydration, brightening, and others. The moisturizer and a well-selected primer will give a demanding base for further makeup. From our side, Estee Lauder Illuminating Perfecting Primer can make you happy if you want to try.

Concealer and Foundation

Being away from that caked-up layer of foundation is the thing that should be kept in mind. For this, you can start with an opaque concealer which will allow you to hold a creaseless base for the foundation. L.A. Girl’s concealer is the one we will suggest.

Try to find a long go foundation and in this sense, Makeup Forever’s HD Invisible Cover Foundation can work for you which will be as it is for up to 24 hours.

Eyeliner and Mascara

Your eyes tell it all. So let your eyes speak in a better way without all those fake lashes on your eyes. Choose a perfect combo of eyeliners and mascara which will highlight your eyes’ look. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner will give a perfect boundary with the perfect dramatic length of Benefit’s They’re Real Lengthening Volumizing Mascara. So go ahead and do that talking from your eyes with an essential Eyeliner and Mascara while amplifying your style statement in any look you sport.

Brushes and Tools

Those layers of foundation, concealer, blush or even eye make-ups need a perfect tool that will spread your layers evenly. Add a perfect sponge or brush to your kit to blend the makeup in a way where no one can tell where your makeup starts and where it ends. Face layers can be blended effectively with the Beautyblender’s product and for eye makeup and to dust powders Sonia Kashuk’s brush set will be the best.

Eyebrow Pomade and Spoolie Brush

Those perfect arches over your eyes are the mandate to enhance your look and the tool to apply them can never be neglected. Anastasia Beverly Hills brush which is dual-sided and Dipbrow Pomade can be a better choice even for beginners and the qualities like smudge-proof, waterproof and easy appliance will be cherry on the cake. Get ease wearing the essential makeup with these brushes available online at top stores like Ulta under several offers and discounts.

Blush and Highlighter

The foundation layers will not have that perfect look if you are forgetting the blush and highlighter’s effect on your face. Our suggestion will go with the products of Nars and Becca which have created Nars Blush in Orgasm and Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector.

Eyeshadow Palette

One could think of skipping the eyeshadows as they are not revealed that much but this is something that completes your look and experimenting with the different colors with your attire could be your favorite game. Start it now with Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette which has enough and good shades.

Q-Tips and Makeup Wipes

A shiver of the hand can ruin your makeup in a second but; a Q-tip dabbed in lotion can make it right with a swipe only. Also, those lazy nights with makeup on your face can make us worry less if you have wipes with you. Cleanse by Lauren Napier’s wipes having 50 tissues, individually wrapped in a separate packaging could be the go-to solution for it.


So, hope you have a list of what you want to have in your kit. Now if you are worried about where to get all these essentials then the online purchase from different platforms like Ulta is equally trustworthy. On top of that, if you are getting the branded product at the much lower price then why to have a second thought? Just search in what you want or determine what you want with the help of different customer’s reviews on the product and add the product to your cart and pay an unimaginable lower price. Your wait for the delivery of cosmetics will also not be too long. So, go on. Happy Shopping!!!