Cancer, hypertension, diabetes can all be linked to genetic factors but they can also be caused by lifestyle choices. It is likely that in the course of your day, you will use more than one product containing harmful ingredients. Parabens in soap and formaldehyde agents in lotions are just a few examples of the dangers we unknowingly face every day.

It is in light of this that brands using natural ingredients have become increasingly popular. Increasing awareness and access to information is spurring consumers to seek healthier alternatives. Even with all-natural brands being more expensive, buyers appreciate the fact that it is value for money.

Have you been looking to make the switch to safer products that only use natural products? Search no more. Here are some stellar brands to consider.

100% Pure

100% Pure

It is not very often that a brand fully lives up to its name especially when it comes to ingredients. However, 100% Pure is clearly staying the course and turning substantial profits while at it. All its products are made from plant-based raw materials.

Often, fully clean and natural product lines are associated with small businesses but this brand is quite large. They have a presence in Canada, Germany, and Australia. From skincare to make up and recently, hand sanitizer, they seem to be spreading the clean living gospel across oceans.

The company is an advocate against animal cruelty in the cosmetic industry. They do not test their products on animals nor do they use any raw materials from them. Further, their main philanthropy partners include animal organizations.



Mineral sunscreen creams are more popular than their chemical alternatives because they are safer. However, if you have used any of them, you are familiar with the white cast debacle.

Unsun uses Titanium Dioxide and Zinc oxide which are both approved as safe sunscreen ingredients. So much so that you can use them on children too. 

It is a common practice, among people of color especially, to cover the white cast from sunscreen with foundation. As a solution, Unsun comes in tinted formulations for various complexions. A stroke of genius in its own right.



Initially, Lesley Thornton, the founder of Klur worked as an aesthetician. She created product regimens for an ever-growing list of clients. The lessons and experience gained from such regimens led her to develop the Klur product range.

Klur’s product range consists mainly of serums and oils which are formulated with bio-available active agents. The company is, however, forthright in its indication that it does incorporate scientific aspects into its formulation. However, all main ingredients are purely botanical.

Eu’Genia Shea

Eu'Genia Shea


Pregnancy is a season filled with transitions and changes including stretch-marks. Some women are lucky enough to hardly get them but most women want to avoid them at all costs. Good quality shea butter has vitamins and oils that can help the skin stretch better during pregnancy. 

Eu’Genia Shea is co-run by a mother and her daughter. It specializes in premium shea butter in higher concentrations than brands that water it down with petroleum jelly. The shea butter is sourced directly from Ghana. 

Whereas the idea for shea butter use during pregnancy was how the company began, they have products for everyone. Normal, sensitive, and dry skin types are catered for in Eu’Genia’s product variety.

OUI the People

OUI the People

If there was ever an untapped niche, it is shaving products for women, and OUI the People has secured it. For years, women have relied on razors and shaving creams that were mainly designed for men. As a result, black women especially, have continuously suffered through in-grown hairs

Some of the products carried by this brand include razors made specifically for sensitive skin. To go with it you can also get a shaving liquid or a bikini line sheet mask to soothe shaved skin. If your skin is crying out for moisture, their Featherweight body gloss may just be the cure.

In terms of ingredients, the company website has a full-disclosure list of them. They have taken on a unique concept by illustrating the environmental toxicity ratings of each of them. Speaking of which, the company is adamant about recycling. They use glass bottles and have a ‘refillable blade system’ for the razors that they sell.



After unsuccessfully trying to find natural hair products that worked, Briogeo’s founder chose to make some herself. Given how popular the chemical-free brand is, she was clearly not the only one deprived. Maintaining natural hair can be difficult without the right products.

The Briogeo product range accommodates just about all textures of hair. It includes daily routine and hair repair products. Suffice to say, there is something for everyone and yet still, the brand grows.

It is a common misconception that hair care products for natural hair are inherently safer. Some natural hair care brands are just as toxic and laden with preservatives and other harmful ingredients. Private label natural hair care products that openly disclose their ingredients are rare gems in the jungle of capitalism.


It is unfortunate that we live in a world where choosing to live on clean products can be an unattainable ideal. The cost of producing clean products makes them more expensive and yet, they are necessary. It would almost seem that choosing a healthy lifestyle comes with punitive measures attached.

There is a dire need for we, consumers, to keep demanding more from brands. Spending money on products that are safer is one way to go about it. After all, it seems the only time big brands are keen on making changes is when their bottom lines are at risk. At the end of the day, it is better to pay more for healthier lotion than pay for chemotherapy.