Regardless of how well your skin is protected, no sun lotion can provide 100% protection against ultraviolet rays. That’s why it’s important to incorporate Beach Bum’s after-sun lotion in your regime to make sure your skin is in optimal condition.

When choosing a sun protection cream, the one with at least 30 SPF is the ideal option. However, the significance of integrating after-sun skincare products can’t be over-stressed.

Numerous people have a misconception that after-sun lotion is only for treating sunburns. This isn’t the case. If you’ve spent a considerable period of time in the sun to the extent that your skin shows signs of burning such as pain, redness, blistering, and swelling, you’ll require more than a post-sun cream to reverse the damage and heal your skin. Here’s why you need after-sun lotion.

How After-sun Products Work

While numerous people use after sun, not everybody recognizes what it does or how it works besides offering cooling relief to sunburnt skin.

A good product like Beach Bum lotion is highly nourishing, with vitamins and minerals to boost dehydrated skin while aiding the health of your skin long-term. Besides hydrating and soothing the skin, after-sun products comprise of antioxidants, which help prevent damage originating from free radicals.

Radicals could linger on your skin even when you’re out of the sun. The generation of free radicals occurs when UV rays come into contact with your skin, causing a chain reaction of skin cell damage. In turn, this results in premature aging of the skin.

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals effectively and prevent the occurrence of the chain reaction while reducing additional damage that might arise after sun exposure.

When you use a high-factor cream for sun protection, you’ll discover that small quantities of UVB and UVA will probably penetrate your skin because sunscreen can’t deliver 100% protection against UV rays.

Research reveals that an SPF 15 can filter about 90% of UV rays while a 25 SPF and above can filter 98%. This doesn’t include the fact that several external aspects can influence the protection issued by the SPF. It’s also important to re-apply when you perspire or after swimming. Using Beach Bum after sun lotion is an important part of effective skincare routine and functions as a safety net if the application isn’t perfect.

The Benefits of After-sun Lotion

Well-hydrated skin is vital to healthy skin. In fact, hydrated and oxygenized cells cope better with oxidative stress. For instance, UV pollution. Overexposure from UV is similar to an overdose from thermal radiation. When the skin burns, the damage typically spreads through the cells even after the exposure has stopped.

Therefore, obtaining major cooling ingredients to your skin helps. Some of the benefits associated with an after sun lotion include:

Soothes and Cools Your Skin

While it’s tempting to simply take a cold shower and get into bed, it’s crucial to apply after-sun lotion and leave it on your skin overnight. It will soothe and cool your skin and prevent it from developing an irritation.

Skin Hydration

Even if you’re careful to avoid sunburns, you’ll still need this lotion for skin rehydration. Prolonged sun exposure causes the evaporation of water from your skin, leaving it feeling flaky and dry. Although it’s good to drink a lot of water while you’re in the sun, you should apply after-sun lotion even while indoors to restore the natural moisture in your skin.

If you’re looking for quality after-sun product to incorporate into your skin regime, Beach Bum after sun lotion from Return to Eden Cosmetics is the way to go.