Holidays are fun, especially after working hard; you deserve fresh air on a fabulous, cozy island or your favorite location. However, it might have been a while since you did anything related to packing bags for summertime; a quick reminder will do. 

While packing for your holiday time out, either alone or with your family, it is common for you to get overwhelmed. This often leads to forgetting some essentials. One thing that you can easily forget is your cosmetic bag.

You may only remember once you must apply makeup in your hotel room, only to realize you left them at home. So, while in a haste to make your flight, don’t panic; follow these tips for your next trip.

Tips For Packing Cosmetic Bags 

1. Pack Small

If you’re packing for a small outing or timeout, you want to take only part of your cosmetic box. So, you only have to take a few items, so you’ll leverage a small cosmetic bag. This will help you minimize bulkiness and reduce the tendency to forget your cosmetic essentials. 

So the big question is, what are the essentials? When traveling with a small cosmetic bag on a plane, it’s best practice to keep your beauty products, like liquids, gels, and aerosols, in small containers of 100 mL or less. 

You can also choose to go herbal. To do this, your cosmetic bag should contain pure herbs – Kosmetiktasche mit PflegeSet, 5-teilig (kleIn). This package by ADA Cosmetics includes all the cosmetic essentials you need to keep or restore your glow while away on holiday.

It doesn’t stop you from packing your lip balm, tinted moisturizer, lipstick, mascara, highlighter, and any other makeup material that catches your fancy. Also, you can keep all containers in one liter resealable clear bag for ease of going through security. As per your toiletries, keep them with your items for easy accessibility. 

Note that sharp objects may not be allowed in most jurisdictions. However, disposable razors may fly. Also, depending on where you want to spend your summer break, check out the carry-on rules to avoid stress at the airport. 

2. Create a List

The need to curate a list is vital because packing for a hiking trip differs from packing for summertime in Los Angeles. This is where you need to realistically create a list of essentials to include in your cosmetic bag small

It’s simple: grab your journal or a neat piece of paper and pen to list your cosmetic essentials. Tailor your list to the location and purpose of your trip. Remember your makeup routine, and let it guide your selection. 

Your vacation is not the best time to try out new makeup styles. So your list should include materials you have often tried that made everyone steal a second look at you. Also, as you’re going to a new environment, your skin may get sensitive; that’s why your vacation is not a time to try new cosmetic products. 

Your list should only consist of products you have used (without suffering allergic reactions), and pack them with your list. 

3. Go Solid

Perhaps you have once packed your cosmetics for a short trip, only to arrive and discover they have poured. This wouldn’t happen with solids. Go solid to avoid spills and create more room for your cosmetics in a small bag. 

It’s time to switch to the solid counterpart of your favorite liquids – Leverage shampoo bars, solid soaps, sunscreen sticks, and facial cleaners: no spillage and more room in a small bag. 

4. Pack Less; Use Freebies

If your vacation involves lodging in a hotel, you can call ahead to learn about the free cosmetics they offer. You’ll likely have access to soap, hair products, sunscreen, and lotion. This will help you pack less of what you’ll have waiting for you at your destination. That means more room for your core essentials. 

5. Get Refill Containers

When packing your cosmetics for your next vacation, the temptation may arise to pack only your favorite best-selling make-up liquids. With such tendencies, it is only smart that you get small containers to decant them. 

Essentially, you’ll have to fill up small 50 mL (or less) containers with your favorites to allow room to take all of them. Remember to refill before your next trip. 

6. Take the Tools

It’s okay to prioritize your skincare and facial outlook with makeup. You must also groom your fingers and toenails to achieve the perfect look. Small tools like tweezers and nail clippers may be helpful, especially when you plan to spend weeks or months on vacation. 

However, remember your minimalist approach to packing, as your goal is to pack the essentials without overloading your bag. 

7. Invest in Multi-Use Product

Multi-use cosmetics will help you save space and money at the same time. You can buy a tinted SPF moisturizer that works as a foundation and moisturizer instead of buying two separate products. Your lipstick can also be used as a blush. 

The idea is to pick a few products you can easily improvise to perform two or more functions. That way, your cosmetic bag has more room for essentials, and packing will be more fun. 

In general, keep your materials organized by category. Keep the liquids together, the powders together, and the creams together. Also, ensure your makeup brushes are kept in a brush pouch to prevent them from getting damaged.


Vacation is something to look up to; you always want to look your best in a new environment. So, you need to pack your cosmetic bag. Interestingly, packing for beauty on the go has always been challenging. Follow the tips in this guide to help you keep all your cosmetic essentials intact for your next trip.