Finding the perfect haircut can be challenging. You will often see a haircut that looks great on a model in a magazine but does not look the same when you get it at the salon. 

Hairstyles that look good right after you get them in the salon are often very complicated to maintain at home. When you select your haircut for 2022, it is best to get a simple haircut that suits the texture of your hair and the shape of your face. This can be easier said than done. However, a few haircuts are known for their ease of care.

Wash and Wear Haircut

Just like it sounds, a wash-and-wear haircut is one that requires no time to style. The term may sound like a cut that is boring, practical, and designed for a person who is always on the go. However, there are many attractive, low-maintenance styles that you can get.

Pony Tails and Braids

You might think that long hair would be very difficult to maintain. In some cases, it is, especially if you have dry, brittle, or fine hair. You will need a great deal of hair care products and tools to make your hair look smooth and shiny. Those products are costly, and they do not always work. 

However, if you are blessed with long, shiny, luxurious hair, all you may need is a ponytail holder and an occasional trip to the salon. You can put your hair in a french braid or bun, and it will stay clean and in place for a long time. However, you should still get regular trims every month or two.

Long Layered Styles

When you think of a layered haircut, you might think of the complicated styles that were popular back in the 1980s. Those styles had a ton of layers and forced you to use a curling iron to make dozens of tiny curls.

There are many different types of layered styles today. One of the easier ones is the long-layered cut. Messy long layers give you a sexy and glamorous look. If you add a little bit of color, you will be amazed at how much texture it adds to your mane. 

Long shaggy layers will make thick hair more manageable and alleviate your hair of some of its weight. If you air-dry your hair, it will give you a classic rock and roll look. 

Bob Hair Cut

Some iteration of the bob haircut is always present because it frames many different face shapes well. It is also an easy haircut to take care of. A bob haircut that is all the same length can make a person’s hair look thicker. 

A blunt bob looks good on people with oval-shaped faces. Hairstylists say that this is the perfect short style for women with blonde hair. You can style it with a blow dryer by pulling it straight, or you can iron it. If you are in a hurry, you can always just let it air dry.

The ultra-cropped bob has been in style ever since the 1920s. It is a simple bob that is undercut just at the bottom. The undercut will help you manage the density that thick hair can have. It is very elegant looking and it takes only a minute or two to manage in the morning.

If you have thick hair, a straight bob may not be for you. However, a bob with choppy layers may be perfect. Although a cut with many layers can be difficult to maintain, choppy layers look cute even when they are messy. This look will add some movement to your hair and give you many styling opportunities.

Embrace Your Curls

People with curls often spend hours of their time straightening their hair. If you are looking for something truely simple, why not just go natural? There are a few ways to style curly hair that are beautiful and easy to maintain.

A layered bob looks great with medium-length curly hair. Sometimes thick curly hair can feel rather heavy. The layers will make everything much lighter. All you have to do is just pick your hair a few times a day and go. This haircut will make your natural curls look great all day.

Curly Pixie

This super short haircut is easy to maintain,  looks full, and feels light. All you have to do is wash your hair, add a bit of conditioner and go. Hairstylists love this easy-to-do cut. However, you will have to get your hair cut about once a month or every 6 weeks.

Messy Bun 

If you have bangs and curly hair, you will always look cute in a messy bun. All you have to do is spritz it with conditioner from time to time throughout the day. It will give you a casual but sophisticated look. 

Maintenance Tips

Even a low-maintenance hairstyle requires a little bit of care. You should always use sulfate-free hair care products. This will prevent your hair from frizzing up. Cut your hair every 4 to 6 weeks. Nothing makes a haircut look worse than split ends and unevenness. Colored hair should be touched up just as often as you get it cut. 

How to Pick a Good Hairstylist

When you first look for a hair stylist, you will probably do so online. Internet reviews can help find good service providers. However, some people pay for reviews or even write them themselves.

You should look for a stylist with years of experience who has also kept up with the latest trends and technologies. Google around to see if there are any treatments that you would like done to your hair, and ask the stylist how much experience they have with that particular treatment. Ask them if you will get a say in the style that they give you.

An easy-care hairstyle will give you one less thing to worry about in the morning. If you choose your cut carefully, you will look stylish and chic without spending all day in front of the mirror.