The global beauty market was surging before the pandemic hit. Although it took a pretty hard hit in 2021, the beauty industry has proven to be resilient throughout history. Rapid regrowth is projected in 2022, with some exciting new multicultural trends on the horizon in both makeup and skincare.

Let’s take a look at the top trends projected to define the beauty industry across the globe in 2022.

1. Hyper-Personalization

There’s no question that today’s beauty consumer is more discerning than ever. Market research shows that consumers across the globe want a more personalized experience when it comes to makeup and skincare.

Look for AI programs that analyze facial features, complexions, and skin conditions, as well as virtual makeup try-ons. Quizzes and virtual assistants that do everything from helping you find your undertone and the perfect shade to choosing the ideal cleanser and moisturizer for your individual skin concerns will become the norm.

From pressed mineral foundation in shades to suit every skin tone to custom formulated skin care products – hyper-personalization will be a rapidly growing trend that consumers across the globe can get excited about in 2022 and beyond.

2. Clean Beauty

With the average beauty consumer applying nine personal care products every day, more and more consumers across the globe are beginning to question the ingredients in their skincare and makeup products.

This is why multicultural consumers are demanding greater transparency from beauty brands. Terms like natural and green will no longer be good enough as consumers become more educated about what it means for a product to be truly clean. The consumer is now totally aware of the chemicals that are being used in the product they are using. Before buying even a daily use sunscreen, the consumer reads the ingredients and their concentration levels.

Beauty brands will need to step up their game to meet the needs of consumers in 2022. Look for more truly natural, organic, and sustainably sourced products available online and in stores going forward.

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3. At-Home Beauty Treatments

With the global pandemic and lockdowns across the globe showing no sign of easing up any time soon, consumers will continue to turn to at-home beauty treatments. Online sales for everything from nail care products to hair clippers climbed across the globe in 2021, and companies are looking for ways to fulfill this need in 2022.

Experts say that companies are jumping to meet the increasing demand for at-home self-care treatments across the globe. We can expect to see more and more at-home skincare treatments, nail care, and hair care products launching in the coming months.

4. Focus on the Eyes

When you really think about it, it makes perfect sense. As face mask mandates became the norm across the globe, eye makeup sales began to skyrocket in 2021. Mascara, eyebrow products, and eyeshadow are projected to be major sellers in 2022, with lots of fun new product launches in the works.

We can expect to see things like false eyelashes and bold eye makeup take center stage, while lip products fall to the back burner. On a similar note, mask-proof makeup that doesn’t transfer will also be a big trend in the multicultural beauty market of 2022.

5. Increased Demand in Personal Care Products for Men

Skincare and makeup products for men have been one of the fastest-growing global trends in the beauty industry in 2021. The men’s skincare market has grown exponentially, and that growth is projected to continue well into 2022 and beyond.

In fact, the men’s segment of the global fashion and beauty market has been growing faster than the women’s for nearly a decade. We’re seeing international brands like Estee Lauder and Chanel launching their first-ever line of makeup for men.

One reason for this exponential growth is the Korean beauty trend. South Korea’s cultural impact of beauty for both men and women has impacted markets around the world. In fact, it’s estimated that 75% of men in South Korea get some kind of beauty treatment each week, and that trend is catching on globally.

Apart from the Korean beauty trends, men’s beard grooming is also a reason for the growth in the increased demand for men’s personal care and grooming products. For example, Adbshealth specializes in the following products, beard oil, beard growth oil, beard growth kit. Men spend time at home and saloons both to give the best shape and shine to their beards.

Look for more and more exciting product launches in this segment in 2022. We’re expecting to see more things like serums, concealers, and tinted moisturizers for men, as well as beard care and grooming tools.

6. Anime Makeup

For a long time, the clients of the beauty industry have been influenced by pop and movie culture. But as the love and popularity for anime series and manga grow, 2022 is ready to welcome the products for anime makeup. Cosplay was already a trend, but now many people are wearing anime makeup as a daily lifestyle too. 

Anime makeup is no more an act but a part of the personality of an anime fan. This has been possible because of the increased popularity of anime reels on Instagram and other social media platforms.

It has been observed that people are not just cosplaying at their homes, but are also stepping out dressed as anime characters. People influenced by this culture are investing a lot of time and effort in dressing like an anime character. 

For these consumers, dressing like an anime character is not just about the clothing but also the makeup products. This is why the brands of the beauty industry are looking keenly into this segment. The brands are supporting the needs of their customers by introducing various products like temporary hair colors, skin-friendly paints, colored hair wigs, a variety of eye lenses, and nail art.

And Finally… More Diversity and Inclusion

Beauty brands across the globe are beginning to become more multiculturally focused. Brands are finally evolving to meet consumer demand by offering more inclusive makeup and skincare options that suit a wide variety of demographics.