Think twice before retiring your razor or putting your waxing cash on time deposit for the winter. The winter months are ideal for beginning laser 脫毛, so now is an excellent time to consider a more permanent solution to unsightly body hair.

Laser hair removal needs considerable commitment, therefore it is important to be well educated before you begin. Fortunately, we are here to explain what laser hair removal entails, what to anticipate, and what to avoid.

While laser and light therapies for aesthetic treatments are largely unregulated in Hong Kong, there is some good news: there are a number of reputable salons and clinics in the city that offer laser hair removal treatments and ensure their therapists are fully qualified and follow best practices, such as the team at the Spa.

Let’s take examples of us, HAIRLESS HK that are properly qualified estheticians with globally recognized certifications in light and laser treatments. In addition to providing outstanding service, the team follows best practices and employs a suite of brand new laser devices to offer the best treatment result and a safe and pleasant experience that is as pain-free as possible.

What Is the Distinction Between Waxing, IPL, and AFT Laser Hair Removal?

Waxing is a non-permanent yet efficient and safe method of hair removal that pulls hair out from the root, as opposed to shaving, which cuts hair at the skin’s surface (and often sees hair grow back within a few days). Waxing allows you to spend two to three weeks without having to bother about your hair!

IPL is an abbreviation for Intense Pulsed Light, a laser therapy used to treat anything from fine wrinkles to spider veins and age spots. Laser hair removal may be used everywhere on the body, but it takes repeated sessions over several months. In IPL, mild pulses of light are administered to the hair root, causing it to enter a “resting” phase in which your hair falls out and grows less in that location over time. It also leaves you completely smooth.

Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) is a kind of IPL laser hair removal therapy. This is a next-generation semi-permanent hair reduction procedure that, once again, employs beams of precisely filtered light to damage hair follicles, therefore delaying or even completely stopping hair regrowth.

Is laser hair removal a long-term solution?

Individual findings differ. Many consumers claim permanent results and no hair regrowth after finishing a course of laser hair removal. Some customers may want a touch-up treatment once every one or two years, while others may require it more regularly.

While this sort of hair removal is sometimes referred to as “permanent,” the actual term is “permanent hair reduction.”

Is Laser Hair Removal a Good Option for Me?

The greatest results will be obtained if you have black hair in the treatment region mixed with lighter skin pigmentation; nonetheless, laser hair removal technology has advanced significantly in recent years. Both lighter hair and darker complexions may now be treated without the use of unique and costly equipment.

The diode 808 nm and 810 nm lasers are the most regularly utilized lasers. These lasers are considered the gold standard in laser hair removal and may be used on most hair colors and skin tones, including tanned and darker skin tones.

What Is the Price of Laser Hair Removal?

The cost of laser hair removal varies per facility and is different for men and women. As a general rule, you should budget between $4,000 and $7,000 for a complete course of therapy for your underarms and $24,000 to $32,000 for a full course of treatment for your legs.

Laser hair removal is not a procedure to be booked only on price; if it seems too good to be true, it definitely is.

What number of treatments will I require?

The number of treatments necessary will vary by person, based on skin tone, hair coarseness, skin pigmentation, duration between treatments, and other factors.

In spas, most individuals have a 70% hair loss or better after 4-5 sessions. The suggested treatment frequency is four to six weeks, and HAIRLESS HK recommends scheduling the first three sessions at four to five-week intervals. As you go through therapy, you may discover that you can go longer between appointments.

Is it necessary for me to first consult with a therapist?

The consultation is intended to determine whether you are a good candidate for laser hair removal, to discuss the procedure and ensure you understand the risks, the treatment schedule, the expected treatment outcomes, to answer any questions you may have, to discuss price, and to perform a patch test if desired.

You can expect to fill out a client consultation form as well as a skin type questionnaire. You may also be asked about your frequent sun exposure, the potential of pregnancy, if you are nursing, whether you have thyroid or hormonal abnormalities, and other health conditions. At HAIRLESS HK, your therapist will go through the dangers of the therapy with you and make sure you understand the pre- and post-treatment precautions. 

Our process of hair removal

HAIRLESS HK, provides a complete range of hair removal procedures, from waxing to IPL and laser. It employs a cutting-edge 808nm diode laser with contact cooling and recommends 5-7 sessions to guarantee that all unwanted hair is removed. We serve over 200,000 consumers around Asia Pacific, and take pride in offering low-cost services in a professional salon atmosphere.

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Waxing services are available at HAIRLESS HK, with bikini waxes ranging from $399 to $599. It also offers a $619 15-minute bikini treatment to remove annoying ingrown hairs, which uses microdermabrasion to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove the trapped hairs. Men should take advantage of the spa’s “he-wax” services, which start at $389.