Feel happy about your being woman and womanhood. For all you do, right from being great mother to wife and daughter. Be proud of you, unfold the magic in your life with the things you were probably let going or not paying heed to.

1. Live it your way

Do what you want to, even if you fail, give it a try. Life anyway teaches the best lesson. Take decision for yourself.

2. Take Breaks

You are always indulge in work be it a working woman or domestic engineer (a housewife in usual terms). Sneak out some time, pack your bags and travel doesn’t matter alone or with family or friends .

3. Believe in yourself

Know that all you want is within you and for that believe in yourself. You are no less than any individual.

4. Raise your voice

Ofcourse, not in amplitude but to the things you think is not right. Staying quiet to the problems is the biggest problem. Speak up!

5. Pamper yourself

World isn’t going to stop if you get up late a day. Enjoy going on shopping spree or a spa or do whatever pleases you!



6. Move on

Often things don’t work out, understand it and accept it whole heartedly. You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading your last one.

7. You decide when you want to get married

There is no right age but the right time when you find the right guy for marriage. It’s your life don’t give preference to what society says, not in this case atleast.

8. Be yourself

Someone will always be prettier and someone will always be smarter, but they will never be you. Be yourself, be happy and the right people will love the real you. Love the guy you feel is the right person to enter your life. Let your relationship be strong. It’s your life! Don’t give preference to what the society says.

9. Health Check

You take responsibilities for all but what about yours?

Exercise regularly. You can enjoy all the joys of life only if you are fit.

10. Choose activity

Staying fit applies for mental fitness too. Opt for any activity like dance or something creative that makes you feel good.

11. Get a makeover

Longing for a change, just go for it!


12. Cheating on eating

It’s okay to cheat on your diet at times and relish your favorite delicacy.

13. Say “NO” to the wrong company

If it’s intolerable just let them know, no need to suffer.

14. Solve grudges

Don’t live your life with hate in your heart. You will end up hurting yourself more than the people you hate.

15. Live, Love, Laugh

You just have one life! Don’t simply exist. Love it and live the way you always wanted to.