An online business can hardly grow without some influence. Irrespective of what you will be selling, you must ensure that your name commands some sort of authority on whichever platform that you will be using to market your products.

For Instagram, the number of users that one has says a lot about the kind of influence the person has compared to others on the same platform. It is this reason that makes it almost compulsory for people to go all out to get as many followers as they can. However, getting Instagram followers is never easy, given that everyone else is doing the same thing to get followers. For you to win the competition, you must learn to do things differently. This post provides an elaborate guide for beginners on how to get more Instagram followers.

1. Enjoy your Target Audience

As we have already seen, getting more Instagram followers is never easy. And it is even more difficult for those who own Instagram accounts but have got no idea the kind of audience they are targeting. This makes their accounts look misplaced, with all manner of posts and images.

The first step towards getting Instagram followers is identifying the target audience. Understand the kind of people that will be interested in the type of content that you are dealing with. If you are using Instagram for business, then you have to identify the people that will be interested in the products that your business deals with. This way, you will be able to build a long list of loyal followers.

2. Ensure you Post Engaging Content

It is really difficult for anyone to get followers on Instagram without posting fun and engaging content. As a visual platform, users expect you not just to focus on content, but mostly on images. The images you post should be captivating, engaging, funny, and informative. Remember that people might never give any attention to your content if you don’t post some good and captivating images.

3. Go Out of your Way and Get Followers

There are times when you will have to get out of your way and work hard for you to get Instagram followers. This might involve investing your budget in buying followers. If you were to hire a good social media manager, then he might advise you to buy Instagram followers from Insta Growing, which provide real followers that will boost the performance of your account.

Other than buying Instagram followers, you might want to hire someone to manage the kind of posts that goes to your Instagram timeline, the time suitable for posting, and many other things.

4. Don’t Just Post Images, Post-High-Quality Images

As you plan how to grow your Instagram account, think about its visual content. Failure to put up a good profile image will hurt the profile making your efforts to gain more from your work worthless. Make sure that every post on your Instagram account makes potential followers want to follow you. The colors of the images you post should blend in well with the type of image you are posting. Also, ensure that you post colors that might not annoy people, as you can have potential followers who are too sensitive to some colors.

5. Research on the Best Hashtags to Use

Hashtags are critical to anyone on Instagram. Whether you want your posts to get many views, likes, comments, or anything, then hashtags should be what to focus on. But not every hashtag is good to give you more Instagram followers. Some will not add any value to your work.

The primary role of Instagram is social interaction. This means that for you to get more followers, you must ensure that those that are already following you are well engaged. When you spare some time to reply to comments by your followers, then those followers will want to share your posts. This helps in reaching out to more people, who, in turn, will follow you.

You must be aware that not all followers will just follow you because your posts have been shared. Some will choose to ask a few questions first before they click on the follow button. You must, therefore, log into your account regularly to respond to some of the questions that might have been raised by potential followers.

6. Invest in Ads

You can also promote your Instagram profile through feeds and ads. These can be very useful tools to give your profile a good exposure to potential followers. If utilized well, then you might realize that you don’t have to spend too much or work so hard to get followers. Create campaigns that describe your account, and use them to increase your brand awareness. And even as you come up with campaigns, you need to ensure that you target the right audience. This way, you greatly increase the chances of getting more and more followers for your profile.

Final Thought

To get more Instagram followers, you must have a strategy and action plan. You need to know where to start and end. This guide is a clear starting point for those looking to have thousands of followers on their profiles. But you need to remember that getting followers need patience, it is not an overnight thing.