If you’re one of the women living with a disability, know that you’re not alone — one in four other American adults do too. As many as 7.6% of children up to 17 years of age also live with some form of disability.

In fact, the WHO states that almost everyone will have an impairment at some point in their lives. Granted, most will only suffer from a temporary disability.

But whether your disability is inborn or due to aging or an accident, there are ways to live your life to the fullest. True, it’s easier said than done. With the right mindset though, you can conquer these hardships and be an even more amazing person.

Ready to start overcoming disability as Hellen Keller and Stephen Hawking did? Then let’s get right into it!

1. Living with a Disability (And Enjoying Life) Starts with Acceptance

Accidents can hit anyone, anytime, and the fact that 6.3 million car crashes took place in the U.S. in 2015 proves that. The thing is, not everyone is quick to accept its aftereffects. Especially not if it happened to them and someone else is to blame for their suffering.

Regret and anger are completely understandable in these cases. But you shouldn’t let these emotions take over your life. Because as much as you replay the events of that day, you can no longer correct them.

So, as much as possible, focus on the things you can do now. Accepting your disability is one such thing you have the power to do. It may take time to let go of all your frustrations, but it’s the first step to bringing back the joy to your life.

2. Acknowledge That You Need Help

Of all types of disability, those affecting mobility are the most common. These include difficulties in sitting, standing, walking, clothing and climbing stairs. Cognition disability, like memory and concentration problems, ranks second most-common.

Whichever form of disability you have though, it’s important you come to terms with the fact you need help. For instance, you may need help doing some errands, like shopping or taking your medicines. You may also need someone to assist you with self-care and hygiene.

All these may be a blow to your independence, but it’s safer to have someone around to help look after you. The last thing you want is to get into another accident, such as a slip and fall. So you know, falls from slips lead to more than one million emergency room visits every year.

3. Master the Things You Can Still Do on Your Own

Understanding the aspects of your life you need help with gives you a better grasp on what you can do on your own. This may be baking up the most fantastic cakes that any dessert lover would drool over. Or curating jam and jelly recipes that you can even sell for extra income.

Whatever it is that you can still do, be it cooking, accounting, or keeping your home organized, do it the best way you can. This’ll give you not only a sense of accomplishment, but also make you feel more independent.

4. Pick Up a New Hobby or Skill

Whether it’s gardening or making pretty DIY necklaces, consider getting a new hobby. You may even want to hone your skills enough to turn them into a money-making venture! This way, you can support yourself in a way, which makes coping with a disability a bit easier.

5. Start an At-Home Business

Dealing with a disability often means spending a lot of time at home. That doesn’t mean you should let this rob you of your ability to finally become the boss of your own. In fact, you can use this as a chance to become part of the 69% of U.S. home business owners!

Don’t worry if you don’t have much capital to begin with, as there are disability loans that can help you get started. You can then use the money to finance, say a laptop, so you can start a writing business. What’s important is to find something you love doing and gives you pride.

6. Pamper Yourself

Living with a disability means facing more struggles than those without impairment. So, feel free to set at least a once-a-week day of pure pampering for yourself. Whether it’s trying out one of the best beauty trends or getting a massage, make sure you enjoy your free day to the most.

7. Don’t Forget to Exercise

 Even with your disability, you need to work out your muscles and your blood circulating. Doing so helps your body make more of those endorphins — the happy hormones. With more of these substances in your body, you can lower your risks of anxiety and depression.

Plus, exercising can boost your muscle strength and stamina. You’ll feel better in general too.

But make sure you stick to physical activities that won’t put you at risk of injuries. The Nintendo Wii offers an enjoyable way to get some exercise in every week. Chair aerobics and arm weights while sitting are also great cardio workouts.

8. Be Open to Making New Friends

But make sure you connect only with people as amazing as you are. It may be challenging to find folks who you can share deep friendships with, but it’s doable. These are the people you can be yourself with and will help you get through your hardships.

9. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

The fact that you’re reading this means that you want to live better despite your disability. That, in itself, is already impressive and it means that you’ve become a stronger person. While there will be moments of loneliness and negativity, do your best to avoid wallowing in them.

One way to do that is by calling your loved ones or friends. Have them come over to test your new lip-smacking recipes. If you’re still having a tough time, remember that you were successful in doing the step one of this list.

That should make you realize that you’re an amazing person and you don’t need to be hard on yourself.

Living a Happy Life Even with Disability

It’s easy to think that women living with a disability have depressing lives. But you shouldn’t let such thoughts ruin your life in the long run. Follow these tips we shared, and you’ll realize that you can live a happy life even with a disability.

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