Wigs are all the rage these days – from ones in fashion colors to curly wigs to the regular natural hair ones, wigs are here to stay. And of course, if you’re anyone who stays up to date with fashion movements and trends, then you’ll have gotten your hands on a wig or two. 

But while styling your lace front wig is fun and all, it’s not all play, there’s some work to be put in when it comes to maintaining a wig. Yes, you guessed it, storage is super important, and the way that you store your wig makes all the difference between a wig that lasts a month, and one that lasts years,if you need quality lace front wigs, visit Unice shop

So, how do you store a wig? Well, for all the newbies out there I’ve got just the answer!

Here are my tips and tricks on how to store your wig to prevent damage:

No Head? No Problem

It’s a common misconception that when you buy a wig, you’re going to get a wig head an stand along with it. while pricier wigs or more luxurious brands might include this accessory with your wig, it is not a standard part of the purchase. 

But no worries, if you don’t have a wig head then it’s not all ruins for your wig. Of course, it’s not the easiest thing to keep on spending on wig care, so it’s possible to store your wig properly without a wig stand. 

There are actually a couple of ideas you can toss around for storage, and it’s really up to you to see which one suits you best, but here are some of my favorites :

  • In its OG packaging: there’s nothing quite like the original right? Whether it’s your favourite song or your mother’s recipe, some things just can’t be replaced, and the same goes for your wig’s packing. The original box that it came in will be tailormade to store the wig, fitting the dimensions to the dot and being protective enough to prevent damage without exposing your wig to any harmful materials or substances. 


  • Show box for the win: If you’re like me, then you’ll have a growing collection of empty shoe boxes at home, all pointing to your growing shoe addiction! Well, now’s the time they’re going to come in handy! Thoroughly clean away the shoe box, ridding it of any dust or shoe pieces and line with soft tissue paper. Once lined, place your wig in the box and store away – the tissue will help prevent static and the thick cardboard will lend protection to your wig.


  • An airtight plastic box: If your household is anything like mine, then your kitchen cupboards will be hiding a mountain of Tupperware. Well, it’s time to put all those plastic boxes to use and store your wigs in them! Opt for the airtight variety as this will help keep out excess moisture and dirt, and gently lay your wig in the box, sealing it for that boost of protection.


  • In a plastic bag: Now, I’m not talking about any old bag – I’m talking about a zip lock bag that would keep your wig safe from dirt and liquid. While plastic bags work just as well as any other storage method, they do require some extra care to make sure that they’re not ripped. So, don’t go leaving them in drawers with scissors or sharp pins. 

Regardless of which method you choose to go for, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when storing your wig. For all storage methods that don’t use a wig stand, it’s best to start by detangling them and placing the wig in its proper part to help it maintain its shape when stored. Don’t spray it with excess substances and in absolutely no circumstance should you be storing a wet wig. And to finish it off, you can encase your wig in a hair net for added protection. 

Put it on a Wig Stand

All those tips aside, if you have a wig stand or wig head, then you should definitely be making use of it to store your wigs. Not only does using a wig stand prevent tangles, but it also helps the wig maintain its proper shape, helping it fit better over your head. 

To properly store a wig on a wig head, start by cleaning it thoroughly and drying. Once that’s done, gently place your wig onto the head and place outside of direct sunlight, excess moisture or humidity. And of course, use a cotton cloth to cover the wig to avoid dirt accumulation.

The Tale of the Travelling Wig

Who said you can’t be an absolute fashionista baddie on holiday? With the proper storage, you can take your wigs wherever you go, helping you rock out at every stage. 

If possible, it’s a great idea to keep your wigs in hand carry to safeguard them from the hustle and bustle of regular luggage. However, if you’re stuck at a dead end and luggage is the only way to go, then seal your wig in an airtight plastic container after lining it with tissue paper. Make sure to carefully embed the plastic container in your suitcase so that it doesn’t move about too much, causing damage to your wig. And voila! Your wigs should be as good as new even after travelling miles and miles on end. 

Now you can flaunt your wig all over the world, girl!

All in all, our wigs are our prized possessions, and keeping them safe is our number one priority. And with these hacks you’re on the right path!