If you’re in need of some fashionable adaptive clothing for disabled women, look no further!

If you’re not able-bodied, it’s easy to see ableism and equal access come into play with fashion. There aren’t many adaptive clothing for disabled women options in classic retail stores, which can make it difficult to fit your personal style.

The good news is that there’s plenty of fashionable adaptive clothing for women if you know where to look. Some other good news is that we’ve already looked for you and found 4 stylish options for you to consider.

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1. Fun Socks by Ross Daniel

Do you have to wear certain clothes to the office or events? Do you still want to showcase your personality without going too bold?

Then consider some of the funky socks offered by Ross Daniel. Research shows that people who wear cool socks and more creative and successful, too.

Ross Daniel Adaptive Apparel sells a number of sock options that are made for those who are not able-bodied. You’ll often only see plain color socks of this sort, but RD Apparel offers bright colors and fun patterns to add a bit of fun to any outfit.

2. Ladies Bella Popper Vest by Rackety’s

As the Columbia Disability Attorney Hirak Pati points out, certain disabilities and health problems can lead to expenses and matters that those who are able-bodied don’t have to deal with. On top of that, adaptive clothing options can be much more expensive than non-adaptive options.

So why not look for adaptive clothing that’s both fashionable and affordable?

And that’s what you get with Rackety’s clothing. Take this Bella Popper Vest, for example. It’s affordable and comes in a variety of gorgeous patterns to fit any style, is made of high-quality soft cotton, is easy to fasten with pop-on buttons, and is made to cover any medical tubing or garments you’re wearing.

3. Pea Coat by IZ Adaptive

Finding a coat that’s warm, comfortable, fashionable, and accessible is a tough journey that we don’t wish on many. Thankfully, we’ve found the perfect one for you: IZ Adaptive’s pea coat.

This gorgeous navy peacoat can be put on in a standing or a seated position. It fastens with magnetic closures to make it accessible for all bodies.

Made of 100% wool and a warm Kasha inner-lining, you’ll be all set for winter with this amazing feminine jacket.

4. Eezee Bra by IZ Adaptive

If you couldn’t tell by us including two items from IZ Adaptive on this list, it’s one of our favorite websites for fashionable and accessible clothing.

And let’s not beat around the bush: most all women need a bra, whether you’re disabled or able-bodied. Just because someone isn’t able-bodied doesn’t mean they should be stuck with the plain, rather dumpy options they usually are given.

That’s where IZ Adaptive excels. They create items that are functional for disabled bodies and fashionable in general. 

The Eezee bra is designed to work for those with limited dexterity with easy-to-use front clasps. It’s also cinched in a way to accentuate your features, provide ample support, and prevent the straps from slipping down your shoulder throughout the day.

Adaptive Clothing Options That Don’t Sacrifice Looks for Accessibility

Just because you aren’t able-bodied doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel confident in the clothes you’re wearing. These 4 adaptive clothing options are just a few of the awesome items you can rock all year long. 

Your style doesn’t have to stop with fashion either.

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