Look bold yet professional in the office, and avoid being bland, just because you are getting ready for your work

Before choosing anything to wear for work, you should know if there is any dress code in your office.  and should organize your closet accordingly,  wear something that reflects your expression of professionalism besides being comfortable An employee’s attire not only reflects the individuals’ personality but also the environment of a particular organization.

So you are very careful when choosing an outfit for work. If it is not professional or formal enough it may hamper the companies image too. Another important factor is, to pick a work outfit according to the profession. For example- one can easily differentiate between a salesperson and a pre-school teacher by their outfits. So dressing according to your profession is always a smart move. A person who knows what to wear and where to wear is always appreciated more than others. Your work outfit also reflects your personality and taste in clothing. Some basics to follow are- color, cut, material, and accessories. 

1. Daily Wear List:

 Some dress must be sorted for the regular wear to work. The list can be divided into:

Easy Going Outfit:

Easy Going Outfit:

If there is no fixed dress code in your office then you can wear something casual which will work both for the office and is okay to meet a client outside the office. The clothing must be both comfortable and professional. Casual wear does not include anything which is too gorgeous for an office or too cozy like a sweatshirt. 

Some casual office outfits are- semi-long-sleeved blouse, collared or V Neck T-Shirts, or a light jacket or coat over a short top As we spent mostly 8 to 9 hours in the office,  choose the fabric wisely. 

You can complete the look with legging, mom jeans, or classic straight pants. Plain Palazzo pants are also comfortable with any top or shirt. And if you are planning to go out for a meeting or formal visit, do not forget to wear a hat. Casual fashionable hat varieties are available for both men and women. 

Style Your Casual Look More Smartly:

You can also style your look with some smart casual clothes. You do not have to search for something outstanding to add uniqueness to your look. This look is suitable both for daily office attire and business meetings, it is also suitable for a job interview. 

Scarves, sweaters, semi-long or short skirts are enough to create the smart casual look. The look will represent you in every small detail of your daily office attire, a sign of clean personality. 

The Business Professional Look:

You can dress in as business casual too. If you are going for an interview, and do not have enough idea about their dress code you should wear something less casual and look formal.

You can complete the look with khaki pants, button-down shirts, or a straight-cut semi-long skirt for ladies.  You also can wear a sweater vest or blazer to style the professional look. This is perfect attire for interviews, business meetings, office gatherings, etc. 

We often celebrate special occasions in the office. For such occasions, we need to take special preparation. The look has to be professional with a touch of festive taste. Dress designed with heavy work may not look smart for such gatherings.  

For evening office parties you can wear a pink or sea blue shirt. To accessorize the look you can wear a fitted or short-sleeved belted blazer. If the color of your shirt is light, the blazer should be of bright color. A tie will perfectly go with the look. For this look, any shiny high-waisted formal pants will look better.

Season Based Attire:

During winter office attire should be something cozy and fashionable. A full-sleeved woolen sweater, full-sleeved long tops, stitched jeans, and an overcoat will complete the look. Wool coats or puffer jackets will also look perfect for the winter.

On rainy days choose the outfit wisely. The clothes should be made of materials to keep you dry all day long. Raincoats are a must for this particular time of the year. Tie-dye jackets, trucker jackets, trench coats, utilitarians tops, longline, and leather coats will look quite fashionable in the wet season. Visit Blank Label to know which coat is best for you. The color should be sea green, bottle-green, yellow, or sky blue. To save the feet from dirt and water, wear tall leather boots, combat boots, or chunky boots that will also look perfectly elegant with any office outfit. 

2. Accessories:

To style your office look you have to wear or carry some accessories. Some regular accessories include-


For daily use, you can use regular shoulder leather bags. Black, gray, or ash will look fashionable for any office look. Computer or tote bags are also smart choices. If you do not like to carry a big bag daily, you should go for a saddle crossbody bag. To carry the tiny staff or money you should get a wallet.

For special officials programs, you should carry a sling bag or a clutch. There are varieties of handbags with stylish designs you can choose from online shops. 


To fashion, any formal look, the belt is a must. You can easily wear a  casual or webbing belt with your pants, palazzo, or skirt. For regular wear, leather belts are fine. But for special ceremony designer buckle belts will look more gorgeous. 


Wearing a watch is always a smart choice. Watch is also a sign of punctuality. Many brands have varieties of watches only for formal wear. You can pick your choice from them. A piece of silver pendant, a single stoned earring, or a bangle bracelet will look perfect with your casual office look. For office parties, you can style the look with a pair of middle longed earrings or single-neck jewelry. A piece of diamond ring is also an elegant choice for a regular or party look. 


Shoes are an important part of any clothing. Some people also judge an individual’s personality on their choice of shoes. Pointy toed flats, ballet flats, loafers, strap flats, oxfords will look perfect with your regular corporate look. For office parties, you can wear mules, low wedge, or high wedge heels. 

3. Hair Style:

With any length of hair, your style should be comfortable. Some formal hairdo suggestions are- low bun, ponytail, single braid, half up half down, twist and turn, etc. If your office code allows, you can dye your hair with any color that suits your skin tone and will not draw much attention. For the special gatherings you should go with- bouncy blow-dry, glam waves, swept-back half-updo, messy braid or ponytail, side braid, and chignon. You always can use pins, clips, hair bands, or headbands to style your hairstyle. To create the look you can use different hair style gadgets such as straightener, hairdryer, curler, etc.  

4. Lens and Tattoos:

You can wear a lens on a regular basis to modify your corporate look. For regular wear, you can use pure hazel, gray, honey, or sterling gray color. For special parties, you can wear gemstone green, turquoise, amethyst, aqua, or violet shade. 

You can have tattoos if your office dress code allows you to do so. A tattoo behind your ears, neck, chest, shoulder, fingers, hand, or in your feet will look good. A tattoo will always look perfect with a half or full sleeve dress. But you should hide your tattoo if you are going for an interview or official meeting. If the office atmosphere is conservative about tattoos, it may create a negative impression about you. 

So, you can design your corporate look however you want to. But you should not wear something which will make you feel uncomfortable or look inappropriate to others.