Do you still reserve your jam and jelly jars only for your breakfast toasts? If yes, then this will probably be the last time you are going to use these fruity spreads the same way.  There’s no limit to how far your jams and jelly can go with plethora of fruity flavors. So, get ready to try these scrumptious dessert recipes to make from jam and jelly.

1. Lattice Jam Tart

This is a very simple yet yumilicious traditional Italian jam tart also called crostata. It has a sandy cookie crust with dollop of jam and above it the lattice pattern that makes it look pleasing!

Lattice Jam Tart

via CBC

2. Jam Roll Charlotte

This irresistible Charlotte  dessert is made up of jam-filled Swiss roll with a set vanilla custard flavored with raspberries and raspberry liqueur. You can also use strawberries and its jam for different flavor.

Jam roll charlotte

via Taste

3. Blue Berry and Jam Cheese Cake

If you are the one, who count on calories but can’t resist dessert, try this healthy raw cheese cake. And the most amazing thing is this recipe is Vegan. I know you won’t believe it. So check out the recipe right below.

Blue berry n jam cheese cake

via Raw Food Bali

4. Pretzel Brie Hand Pie

Brie and jam together is a great party appetizer and this blogger is a total genius for throwing the already epic pairing into a soft pretzel shell. Everyone gets their own “pie” of cheesy jelly goodness.

Pretzel brie hand pie

via Girl Versus Dough

5. Saltines Peanut Butter and Jelly Cheesecake Sandwiches

Try eating just one of these stacks. Sweet and creamy peanut butter cheesecake is topped with a heaping spoonful of jelly and sandwiched between salty crackers. Absolutely addicting!


via Diethood

6. Doughnut Monte Cristo Sliders

These mouthwatering monte cristo sandwiches — that’s ham or turkey with cheese and, yep, jelly — are pressed between donuts, then topped with powdered sugar and more jelly.

doughnut monte cristo sliders

via Jelly Toast Blog


7. PB and J Muffins

Peanut Butter and Jam Muffins makes an ultimate combo! Get all that classic sandwich flavor in two bites. These muffins will delight your taste buds with their jam-loaded insides.


via Averie Cooks

8. Jam Almond Crumb Bars

Unlike usual bars these ones are nutty bars with the jams spread in between. It makes me drool!

Jam Almond Crumb Bars

via Two Peas And Their Pod

9. Jam Filled Doughnut Muffins

Craving a jelly doughnut without the squirting mess? Whip up this batter, mix in some jelly and bake in a muffin tin for a mess-free treat.

Jam Filled Doughnut Muffins

via Betty Crocker

10. Jam Straws

These delicious rolls are great when you have that sudden cravings. Just grab it whenever you want, as a snack or a dessert or cookies!

jam straws

via Fat Girl Trapped In A Skinny Body

11. Peach Cupcakes

Packed with peaches from the creamy topping to center filled jam. This one is for peach lovers!

Peach Cupcakes

via Taste And Tell

12. Thumbprint Cookies

Almond cookies filled with jam or jelly is enough to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. You can use any jam or jelly. This one is with a blob of raspberry jam and glaze drizzled over it.


Raspberry Cookies

 via Sally’s Baking Addiction

13. Toaster Pastries

These pop -Tarts calls for a seriously awesome shortcut — jam! Instead of mashing up berries, just load these pastries with fruity preserves.

Toaster pastries

via Love And Olive Oil

14. Pinwheel Cookies

These buttery jam-filled cookies couldn’t be easier to make! Lay out some dough, slather on some jelly, roll it up, then slice and bake!

Pin wheels

via Tutti-Dolci

15. Smoothie

Make your instant smoothie by adding jelly to frozen fruit and milk.


via A Spicy Perspective

16. Strawberry Cheese Cake Lemon Bars

These delightful Bars is a perfect combination of lemon cake, cream cheese with strawberry swirl that adds a sweet and creamy texture to them. If you are making one for kids, they’ll certainly love it.

Strawberry lemon bars

via Inside Bru Crew Life