This is a good substitute with very low cholesterol for weight watchers, especially for those who do savour junk food but restrict themselves from gorging on it. Even for kids who keep away from kidney beans otherwise. This is a way to give them a healthy, high in protein food which they will surely relish. Also bread isn’t that bad as we have presumed in our minds. Instead brown bread contains both fibre and protein providing you with energy and only 82 calories per slice.

Enough on nutritional value and calorie content of the recipe. Let’s get straight to the recipe now.


  • Brown Bread – 8 slices
  • Edible Oil – 1 tsp
  • Butter – to grease (optional)
  • Tomato – 1 (medium)
  • Capsicum – 1 (medium)
  • Onion – 1
  • Tomato Ketchup – 3 tbsp
  • Green Chilly Sauce – 3 tbsp
  • Soya Sauce – 1 tsp
  • Vinegar – 1 tsp
  • Low Fat Cheese – as desired (optional)
  • Black Pepper Powder – ¼ tsp
  • Rock Salt – ¼ tsp
  • Salt – to taste



  1. Boil kidney beans (rajma) separately in a pressure cooker and keep it aside.
  2. Chop finely onion, tomato and capsicum.
  3. Heat oil in a non stick pan and saute onions at medium flame till a little brown then add capsicum and lastly tomatoes for about 4-5 minutes. Now add boiled kidney beans to the mixture.

  1. Add tomato ketchup, green chilly sauce, soya sauce and vinegar in the pan and mix well.
  2. Finally sprinkle with black pepper powder, rock salt and salt.
  3. Preheat the grill and grease it with a little butter or oil.
  4. Take a slice of bread and spread the mixture over it.

  1. Top it with grated cheese and place over it another brown bread applying a little butter or oil over it.
  2. Now shut the grill and weight until red light turns off or golden brown. Cut the sandwich diagonally and serve hot with tomato ketchup and green chutney.

Share and enjoy this scrumptious recipe of kidney beans grill sandwich with your friends and family.