Dense rain forests filled with exotic plants and unusual creatures have always been alluring to adventure-seekers. The rise of the modern eco-tourism industry has made it easier for casual nature-lovers to experience jungle landscapes without a pith helmet and machete. In fact, many people ignore other biomes and define “eco-tourism” as travel to a rain forest. A wider range of natural landscapes is, of course, included in the industry’s destination options, but the exotic and teeming jungle is surely the most appealing of all.

And this led Ayush Dinker from Ethereal, to explore the phantasmagoric landscape and forests of Meghalaya—and boy there is magic in every frame!


Says he on his YouTube page, “I travelled to the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya back in 2012. At that time, it was monsoon and here I was in wettest region on the earth. It was a world completely different from the one I live in. Not only was it green all around but there was also an exemplary amalgamation of the true beauty that nature has to offer and human lives. I then knew that I will come back and keep coming back here.”


He got another chance to have a trip to Meghalaya and live a few days in some of the most remote places within the Khasi Hills. “When you are out there in the open, the rulebook of society becomes irrelevant and you inch closer to self discovery”, he claims.

Go out. Jump in. Fly Away!