Most people love camping, but they don’t know much about rooftop tents. Some individuals have these tents, but they don’t use them since they don’t see the tents’ importance. Rooftop tents are an essential part of any camping experience. When you fix yours properly and take proper care of it, it can serve you well.

Perhaps you’re new to camping and don’t know anything about rooftop tents. And, you wonder why they’re essential. Or, you want to increase your knowledge of them.

The post below has all the answers you seek.

Roof Top Tents Explained

The rooftop tent is one of the most common discovery 4 accessories. Using roof racks, campers mount it on the top of their SUV, truck, or another truck camper.

They allow you to appreciate the camping experience on top of your SUV or truck instead of camping in ground tents or behind cars.

You can sleep and enjoy camping in the wild with the tents, away from crawlers, the ground, and tiny creatures such as rodents that love exploring your vacuum in the ground canopies.

Mounting a Roof Top Tent to Your Car

It’s essential to realize that most rooftop canopies are cumbersome. A good number weighs over a hundred pounds. This means that you must ensure that your rooftop rack is equivalent to the task.

You may have to reach out to your car producer to assist you with the required details before you can choose a rack.

Some of the factors you should bear in mind as you choose an ideal mounting rack are:

  • Rack mass capacity- the canopy’s weight capacity measures its capability to support the tent’s mass well even when you’re driving. You have to state the car specifications and that of the vehicle to receive a suitable rack.
  • Durability degree- some models provide rugged model designs that’ll work best for lengthened camping trips in extreme weather conditions.
  • Compatibility- you have to check on the possessor’s handbook to see if the rack functions with a roof canopy you intend to purchase.
  • Static mass capacity means the rack’s capability to support a particular number of sleepers with zero issues.
  • Total tent’s weight- you require a devoted and durable rack if you have a canopy that weighs more than the usual.

Travel tent

How to Maintain Your Roof Top Canopy

Similar to any other truck camping add-on, proper maintenance is vital in upholding the desired durability. Adequate care of tents involves eliminating the dust that accumulates daily before storage.

You may do frequent canopy maintenance by brushing and vacuuming the tent exterior. Make sure that you utilize a smooth brush.

You’ll have to look further into wetting your canvas and cleaning it with a smooth sponge for deeper cleansing. Use a gentle detergent and a lot of water.

The following step is to allow it to dry out in the sun totally before you can fold it properly for preservation.

What a Roof Top Canopy’s Interior is Like

It depends on the label. Each truck tent will arrive with a varying finish on the inside. You may notice that even canopies from a similar producer aren’t the same on the inside. 

The prime variation of the rooftop interior is the number of layers a specific ten has. The other significant difference is the floor.

Some models lack a floor, while others have an in-built base.

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Advantages of Roof Top Tents

Rooftop canopies boast countless benefits aside from keeping unwanted guests (animals) away. Some of these advantages are:

They Allow You to Pack Less Gear

As you head out for a camping excursion and pack your car with all the requirements, you quickly realize how little vacuum you’ve left for all you need.

Thanks to a rooftop tent, this is a worry of the past since it sits above your car. You don’t have to worry about the space the air mattress would usually take too.

You Can Use Most of Them All Season

The best way to lengthen your camping season year-round or later in the year is by having the proper apparatus and a well-equipped canopy. Manufacturers fit many all-season tents with extremely thick fabric, insulated floors, anti-condensation mats, and more accessories.

They’re Easy to Set Up

Although some tents are quicker to deploy than others, the average time you’d take to set up one of them is five minutes.

They Promote Cleanliness

Ground tents get dirty fast. They get covered in dirt immediately when you lay them down. And, you track in the soil when you walk into the tent several times as well. You can rest assured that your tent will be clean with a rooftop tent because it doesn’t sit on the ground.

They’re Comfortable

Rooftop canopies have built-in mattresses that are approximately two to three-point five inches thick. Plus, producers create these mattresses from high-density foam.

What’s more, the tents provide a level sleeping ground, compared to the bumpy one that ground tents offer.

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Rooftop tents are a worthy investment. Granted, it may seem like lots of work assembling and learning about them, but it pays off in the end.

The key is to ensure that you take your time during setup to do a good job. And maintain it regularly. Get a rooftop canopy for your next camping adventure and enjoy the difference firsthand.