Think you spend a night across a lonely sandy island with lighted candles. Assume a high adventurous night. Well, I’m going to tell you today about the hidden islands.


A round moon, sandy beach, seashore, tiding beach, darkness, and glimpsing light on the sea breast, fantastic, right? This is not a dream. Still, there are islands where you get all of them. I’m going to open them now. Have a list of the best islands that are still hidden from the world. 

Mostly, in Hollywood movies, we see the islands that are awesome.  Do you want to get there at least once? They will amaze you. All of them are far from the locality, so you won’t have people to shout and make cat noises. This can be the best place for couples and honeymoons.  

People have almost discovered the whole world, but still, some adventurous islands remain. Probably, people never go to them, and they get nothing attractive over there. Who are passionate about discovering the globe in new ways, this article will help them to explore? I also have a passion for discovery, whereas I can stay.

Best Hidden Islands Of The World

People used to sail for discovery, which has come to virtual distal discovery in ancient times. So, to discover an island, you just go to google and search. But I like to visit places to find new ranges. So, if you have the same passion, you can go to the islands that I will announce.  

Con Dao

Probably Vasco da Gama forgot to find this hidden island, jokes apart. This island is in Vietnam. You can visit this beach easily. This beach is attached with the sky-blue sea waves.  It looks genuinely well. Sometimes, people go to visit though it is not a permanent destination for the tourists.

You have to take a flight from Ho Chi Minh City in 45 minutes. It is the best place for a night’s stay as well. The crystal blue water is fantastic. Just think about the tropical Amalfi Coast. Are you willing to go there? Not a problem, the island has a fantastic villa, you stay over there for a couple of days. Enjoy the lonely beach.

Seychelles, Desrochers Island

Feel the fantastic charm of heaven by visiting the Desrochers beach. If you love to maintain peace and silence, it is best for you. Stay away from the manly chaos and have some incredible days. You have to visit Mahé first, then you take a flight and spend approximately 30 minutes.  

Many of the visitors consider this place as the Tropical Paradise, along with the tropical gardening. No issue with your rest time. There are villas and resorts; you stay for some days in peace. Blue crystal sea is waiting for you. So, go there and enjoy the fantasy. 

The Azores, Portugal

Have you ever visited Portugal? Then you may know its natural beauty, but there is something more. It is just a box of amusements. You can enjoy the green scenery there with the excellent sea. Visiting outstanding islands never means being isolated. Most Americans are unaware of this Henley spot. Few people see the places, the extraordinary islands, and all get back with happiness. 

Don’t spend the whole-time reading articles. Pack your bag and go for the adventure. Many people enjoy the greenery. It is covered up with various trees. A calm and quiet sea will entertain your motive. Pick up and make your journey more incredible. 

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Portugal: Pico

Beach with high heels, yes, it’s true. Your despite to enjoy hills will also get cleared visiting this island. Beside the beaches, there are pillars like hills, and in front, a large blue sea. This is superb for relaxation and romance. Sitting on the sandy beach, you see the sky and clouds on the hills. Is there anything better than pleasure? I think no. 

Explore the place on your way and spend a couple of days there. The weather is nice, so you won’t have a problem staying. It is a shame to all as people couldn’t explore this place in the previous days. But, it’s in your hand. So, visit the palace and enjoy. 

 Culebra, Puerto Rico

The landscape is significant when you are going out for a tour. How does it feel when you watch the island from a helicopter or an airplane? Trust me, and it is heaven. Covered up with greenery and small hills, and the sea is in its breast. The mountain will get you covered; you will stay in the middle with the blue crystalized sea.  

Run over the boat and enjoy the landscape. Taste the musing juice of the landscape and stay for a couple of days. Although no words accurately describe its beauty, you will get it when you visit the place. Have an exotic feeling. Enjoy Island-Hopping

Charm Up, Islands Are Tarrying

I know, as a traveller, how it feels to go out to, and you a new place. The suspense of having pleasure is undauntable. You are also craving to visit the best secret island in the world. Explore something more, if you know.  But don’t pause there. Visit there after researching. 

Feeling super excited, right? “Mamma Mia”, go out with your luggage. I hope you will have a safe journey. I hope you find this article helpful. If you have more questions, can raise, I will provide you with the answers.