Girls are ambitious and look forward to building great careers for themselves. When it comes to studying abroad, they have a great choice of studying in the top universities in Canada.

Canada, being one of the safest countries for girls, makes the first choice for them on the list. Canada is reportedly at 10th on the Global Peace Index 2021 and is one of the safest countries for girl students. You can apply to the top universities of Vancouver, Toronto, Waterloo and others without a second thought.

Getting visa approval

Before arriving in Canada, it is mandatory to have a student visa. Girls who are willing to pursue higher education in the top universities of Canada must get all the details about visa application from the concerned Canadian embassy in your country. You must also inquire about the Canadian work visa so you can work in your free time. 

Before applying, you must prepare all your documents for the visa application. Even a single missing document can lead to the cancellation of visa approval. The strict application rules for applying in Canada make it a very safe and versatile country for girls.

Online help while studying in Canada

As a student, when you choose Canada to pursue studies, you are new to the local education system. You are bound to be unfamiliar with academic requirements. Assignment writing is the most common type of work that you’ll be assigned when you study in a college in Canada. It becomes difficult for you to understand everything in a short time. You can take online help to do your admission essays when applying for study abroad programs. The writing service is available 24/7 as the team of experts at EduBirdie Canada work round the clock. Once you get into a good college, you can take help for completing college papers, assignments, and projects.

Look for scholarship’s options

Girls who are interested in studying abroad in Canada must prepare well in advance for their scholarships. A women-specific scholarship intends to provide quality education to girls and help them to achieve their goals. There are various colleges that might ask for essay writing to get a scholarship.

As a girl student, you can apply for many Canadian scholarships like TopTal scholarships, John Evans Female Engineering Scholarship, DeBeers Group Scholarships, etc. With so many scholarship options, aspiring female students can apply to top Canadian universities to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad.

Find a safe and secure accommodation

Accommodation or living space is one of the important things that you should find before arriving. Canada being a highly secured country for women, offers safe and sound options where you can reside and concentrate on your studies. Depending on your comfort and needs, you can find a good place to stay at an affordable price.

To find the best place, you can contact various rental service providers. They will help you in searching for an excellent room near your college or university. Depending on your budget, you can also look for various hostels in urban cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa etc.

Apply for educational loans 

Canada is a hub of the best universities and schools. Canada welcomes international students by offering the best sources to support overseas education. You can explore the best options that will offer necessary financial assistance and cover tuition fees, living costs, and other miscellaneous expenses.

After evaluating the cost of education, you can select the best sources to get financial aid. It can be from the government or private banks. The best sources of finance in Canada are grants, scholarships, student loans, and other financial aid. You can avail these options on the basis of your merit score, previous education background, skills, etc.

Looking for part-time work opportunities

When you start living in Canada, you have to incur living costs or repay your education loan. To fund yourself, you look for the best part-time jobs that you can continue while studying. There are various part-time jobs available for international students. It helps them gain experience and make extra money to pay rent, food bills, and studies. 

Female students can work at restaurants, cafés, and retail stores or work as babysitters or work as a driver. If English is your second language, then you can work as a translator in a company. All these jobs are paid on an hourly basis with an average salary of $15 to $30 per hour. Mainly depending on your skill level.


Moving to Canada for education for females can be a wonderful opportunity to make a strong career. Pursuing education in Canada lets you gain world-class education that will brighten your future.