As the most riveting and boiling season is about the approach, many of us are either feeling delighted about the hot weather, and a big bunch of us it totally creeping out. Summer equals having to strip down in the bathing suit, which won’t be that big of a problem unless you have gained a little bit during the boring seasons. Basically, the goal is always to feel confident in your body but still feel content and happy in the bikini. Not everybody can have an immaculate beach body (except Victoria’s Secret models), but you can lose some weight, do some energetic exercise, improve your diet to slim-down and have a flabbergasting figure for the summer. Still not sure how to achieve that? Well, read on to find out.

Revamp your diet

revamp your diet To Get Fitter & Feel More Beautiful

First things first, you need to boost up your food intake. This means that you need to reshape your diet and start eating smart. Sounds strange right? Again, it is quite simple. The goal is to slim-down, and this doesn’t mean that you have to hold extreme diets or starve yourself, on the contrary, you need to eat nutritional and quality foods. Eating the right food plays an enormous role in obtaining strength, improving your wellbeing, and losing weight. Kick out salty products and process sugars from your pantry, avoid ready-made meals, eating “bad” or refined carbohydrates and empty calories. Vegetables, fruits, proteins, and healthy fats should be on your everyday meal plan, and fast food should be totally out of question.

Implement regular cardio vs strength routine

regular cardio v/s strength To Get Fitter & Feel More Beautiful

By setting your goal to lose some excess weight prior to the summer season, you should be aware that you might need to work out. A lot. If you don’t have time to hit the gym every day, you don’t need to panic, organizing your free time so that you do some form of exercise is more than enough. Cardio workouts should be your priority. Running, jogging or cycling every day for at least half an hour is a good option, only make sure that after a week you increase the intensity or prolong your cardio time. Exercises like a burpee, jumping jacks and doing double unders on a skipping rope will do magic on your body. Do some strength workouts as well.

Consider some alternative options

opt a for alternative To Get Fitter & Feel More Beautiful

Your trainer may say “you need to work out more” and let you exercise your brains out. Your friends may say “oh, you look just fine” and let you binge eat. Learn how to resist temptation and set clear priorities. If you feel ashamed of your body, you can exercise at home. Do squats, plank or wall sit to tone up your core muscles and legs. However, you need to be focused and clear-minded in order to reach your goal. The willpower should be strong in order to succumb to the right weight loss path and beat all the obstacles. This alternative approach suggests peaceful thinking, affirmations, positive self-talk, strong belief, and extremely powerful willpower. There are many people who seek assistance in other ways like resorting to a professional cosmetic procedure. An acclaimed cosmetic surgeon might advise you to undergo a body lift surgery or some other minor reconstruction procedure that would help you get that slimming figure. When you need some surgical intervention it is always helpful to seek help only from skilled experts. Whatever your choices might be, don’t let anything stop you from your slim-down goal.

Don’t skip breakfast

dont skip your breakfast to feel beautifu



You need to mix up your diet, consume fresh produce and eat an abundance of colorful foods. Therefore, skipping meals is not an option. One of the most productive ways to lose weight in a healthy way is to eat more than 5 meals per day. Yep, you’ve heard it right! And breakfast is of the essence. In the morning, our bodies are in the standby zone, and in order to get some fuel, we literally need to eat. The new version of your breakfast should include proteins and healthy fats. For instance, make yolk and green pepper omelet, with a pinch of salt, or a whole grain sandwich with unsalted peanut butter, the list is endless. What is more, making a green smoothie every morning will not only help you burn calories, but will instantly uplift your spirit. Some of the best recipes are a mix of Greek yogurt, spinach, bananas, and cashew smoothie, or lime, broccoli, and cranberry juice.

Opt for powerlifting

opt for powerlifting slim down

It all comes down on how hard you are ready to work on yourself. For the great summer body, you might want to speed up your exercise routine and bring it all to a whole new (higher) level. Whether you go to the gym, do aerobics, or simply exercise at home, adding extra weight and burden to your training will give you bedazzling results. Challenge yourself, and intensify your exercising. If you are merely running a mile every day, try running seven the next day. Of if you are already lifting weight at the gym, try lifting heavier weight with low repetition. Going for that kind of powerlifting will improve your endurance, stamina, and make you sweat more than running a mile. Furthermore, the muscle tissue that you add to your body will speed up your metabolism, thus sculpturing your body perfectly while you burn calories.

Drink plenty of water

drink plenty of water to slim down and feel beautiful


Water is the essence of life. So, another very important consideration you might want to stay on is staying hydrated throughout the day. Water has innumerable benefits, one of which is helping us in the weight-loss path. When you drink at least two liters of water per day, you satisfy your body’s urge for hydration, and you regulate your appetite. As a result, you will feel full, you won’t have a need to snack between meals, and you will maximize your body’s fat burning capacities. Herbal and fruit teas are also okay, of course without sugar. But such teas might contain some diuretic chemical which can dehydrate us. Stick to the plain still water, and you will wear a bombastic bikini in no time.

Keep a journal

keep a journal for excercise slim down


Many things can be done to perfection of they are written down. By writing down your workout progress and how many calories you have eaten versus how many have you burnt, you will surely pay even closer attention to your summer slim-down goal. As you have to be consistent with exercising, you should stay determined to write down your eating habits in order to know which foods might have made you feel blown, and which foods gave you more energy than before. Keeping a food journal will also give you a chance to indulge in few “forbidden” foods, the goal is to slim-down, and not totally lose your mind.

Stay in motion

stay in motion slim down


As you have done all that was in your body to get the fitter body you desired before the summer, you shouldn’t stop there. Meaning, you need to continue to maintain the same regime even throughout the summer in order to keep that slim-down figure. You might not need to do an excessive workout as prior to the summer, but staying in motion is absolutely vital. Play some music and bust some moves at home, do chores around the house more vividly, or simply go brisk walking with your friends or your dog. Any form of active movement is beneficial, as well as keeping the healthy diet regime. If you have already implemented positive eating habits and kept the calorie journey, then maintaining the stunning new bikini body will be a piece of cake.

Determination, patience, healthy nutritional meal plan, and motivation is all it takes. If you succumb through the first week of your slim-down path, you will undoubtedly reach your goal.