Beetroots have long been used for medicinal purposes. It is low in fat, full of Vitamins and Minerals, packed with powerful Antioxidants.

The taproot portion of the beet plant, beet root, is a distinctive fruit with earthy flavour.

You can consume it raw in salads, with or without peeling it. Include this super food in your diet and improve stamina, blood flow and even the glow on your skin.

Let’s quickly check the beating benefits of Beetroot.

1. Lowers risk of Heart Attack and Blood Pressure

It has nitrates which get oxidized with blood enlarging blood vessels and thus reducing the risk of stroke and blood pressure.

2. Reduces LDL that is Bad Cholesterol

It contains good amount of antioxidants which is helpful in reducing bad cholesterol levels.

3. Reduces risk of Dementia

Consuming the root regularly increases blood flow to the brain and thus reduces the risk of Dementia in old age.

4. Strengthen Bones

It contains natural mineral like Silica which helps body to absorb Calcium which in turn provides strength to the bones.

5. Complete package of Nutrients

It contains Folic acid, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Fiber, Vitamin C and Carbohydrates, also packed with powerful Antioxidants.


6. Controls Blood Sugar

It has a property to stabilize the Glucose level in blood.

7. Weight Management

They are high in Fibers and low in Calories. Soluble Fibers present in it helps to fight against fat.

8. Aids treating Cancer

It helps to fight colon cancer and liver cancer because of its detoxifying property. Also known as livers best friend.

9. Skin Benefits

It detoxifies blood and hence helps in reducing acne and pimples. It also adds glow to your skin.

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10. Reduces sign of Ageing

The antioxidants in it help in lowering free radicals which reduces early signs of ageing.

It also provide fair and radiant look to the skin.

11. Fights Dandruff

It improves blood flow to scalp and has its anti septic and anti inflammatory properties remove and heal dead skin and condition scalp.

12. Healthier Hairs

Carotenoids present in it maintain the thickness of hair and give them healthy shine.

13. Used in Pregnancy

Folic acid found in beet juice prevents many birth defects and provide healthy pink tone to baby. It is also helpful in proper development of baby’s spinal cord.


14. Keep your eyes healthy

Carotenoids like Lutein and Zeaxanthin present in it are beneficial for health of eye especially retina.

15. Beats Anaemia and Fatigue

The iron content in it helps to improve haemoglobin level which is good for those having Anaemia or Fatigue.

There is a high risk of Anaemia in women and children.

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For some people, eating beetroot may induce beeturia; a red or pink colour in the urine or stool. It is totally harmless! Beet greens and, to a lesser extent, the roots contain high levels of Oxolate. Individuals with a history of oxalate-containing kidney stones should avoid over-consuming beetroot.