Green tea! The beverage from China has become synonymous to healthify you. Everyone knows its benefits on health and potential to aid in curing various diseases. The benefits of green tea for beautifying purpose are also getting popular but are yet to be explored fully. Having green tea every day is good for your inner health as well as outer appearance.

Well, I became a fan of green tea after visiting a tea factory in Sri Lanka where I got to taste and learn about variety of teas from different parts of Asia. And now, I have this obsession of collecting all varieties of green tea as well as white tea. For me, benefits of green tea are not restricted to physical health and skin care. I sip a cup of green tea every day which increases my efficiency and the aroma of the brewed leaves relaxes my mind too. And the best part is, you can use the brewed green tea to apply on your skin later and take maximum benefit of this magical elixir.

Basically, green tea have good amount of antioxidants which prevents cell damage and have other benefits which leaves your skin youthful and glowing. Let’s read how we can benefit from it.

Treats Acne

For those who are tired of trying everything to treat their acne problem, here is the solution. You can drink green tea and also apply green tea face masks. Green tea has antimicrobial components which destroy acne causing bacteria while the anti-inflammatory properties reduce the redness and inflammation that occurs due to acne. Therefore, regular consumption of green tea can heal your acne problem and soothe your skin.

acne benefits of green tea


Anti-aging properties

Everyone loves to look younger and don’t want to get those lines even lately. But we can’t stop though we can slow down the aging process. The caffeine present in green tea protects the skin against free radicals which is responsible for losing the skin elasticity. It thus tightens the skin and makes you look younger and prettier.

anti aging benefits of green tea


Protection from sun

Sunscreen is definitely a must when you step out in the sun. Green tea can’t replace it but research says that it can protect you from harmful UV rays to some extent. Green tea has catechin called EGCG (epigallocatechin) which provides sun protection. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which reduces irritation caused due to too much sun exposure.

UV rays benefits of green tea


Even out skin tone

Even skin tone is the most beautiful complexion. Green tea when used as scrub to exfoliate skin removes dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin to give you fresh and even skin tone.

even-skin-tone benefits of green tea


Reduces excess oil production

Excess oil on the face is definitely irritating. Too much of sebum (natural skin oil) may lead to excess oil on your face resulting in the acne prone skin. Green tea reduces sebum unlike many products that just absorbs excess oil. This way, it stops the root cause that produces excess oil and gives you oil free beautiful skin.

oily skin


Removes under eye circles

Green tea works great in diminishing under eye circles and fighting puffiness. The caffeine in the green tea is the agent that reduces dark circles and swelling of eyes. All you need to do is refrigerate your used green tea bags for about 10 minutes and then place it over your eyes and relax. Within 10-15 minutes, you’ll get rid of puffiness and feel fresh.

dark circles


Soften dry chapped lips

Firstly, stop licking your dry lips because it will make your lips further more drier. And to get rid of it, apply green tea regularly. Gently rub the warm brewed green tea bag over your lips for 5 minutes daily and get soft and moisturized lips.

dry lips


Get rid of dandruff

Instead of using harsh chemicals on your scalp, rinse your hair with a simple concoction of green tea and lemon juice. This home remedy for dandruff free scalp is easy and effective as the active compounds in it.



Before we conclude, we would like to share this info graphic from our friends at Makari.

What are you waiting for? Apply green tea on your skin by using diy recipes, drink green tea or use good products with green tea as key ingredient to get the benefits of green tea. But there are always exceptions and everything has it pros and cons. The only side effect it could have is if you are allergic to it. Always do a ptach test before applying anything on your skin. Also, over consumption of anything is not good for anyone. Other than that enjoy your green tea and its benefits to get flawless.