In a perfect world, we would all eat only healthy organic products, drink only purified spring water, and work out at least an hour each day. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case for the majority of people. Finding the time and motivation to stay fit and practice regularly is not easy as well all live such busy lives these days. 

Whether you don’t like exercise or you just can’t find the time, any excuse to skip a workout somehow sounds logical when you are trying to avoid it. No matter how you find the drive, it is vital for your health and wellbeing to start exercising regularly. In order to help get you off the couch, here is our guide to how to trick yourself into practicing more sport.

Run Far, Far Away

If you want to log a certain distance each day, this tip is very useful and can also be a lot of fun. Whenever you have a problem becoming motivated, have someone drop you off far, far from home, so that you are forced to walk or run all the way home because there is simply no other choice. Even though you may find yourself secretly hating the person who was kind enough to drop you off at a random street corner, make a game of it, and next time you can be the one to drop your friend off. Running is a fantastic exercise and improves your cardio, circulation, and leg muscles.

Make an ‘Exercise Date’ with Friends

If you have difficulties finding motivation on your own, some friends can help get you involved. You will feel that time flies faster and the strains of sport are less painful with group energy, mutual motivation dynamic, and a social atmosphere. The experts from explain that another way to create that support network is to hire a personal trainer. Not only does this give you a workout buddy, but they will also be able to create a perfect routine and diet program to hit your goals. Whatever sport you are practicing will feel more like hanging out than working out, and you may even find that you end up playing longer than you would on your own. When something is fun, it is always easier to stick to it, so just have a good time with your friends and the results will come.

Think While You Practice Your Sport

Sport can be a great way to forget about our problems for a while but it can also be difficult to focus when we have lots of pressure from work or family going through our minds. Try to use sport as therapy and take out your stresses and frustrations punching the bag or kicking the ball, or whatever it is that you are doing. According to Athletic Lift, playing sports really can be the perfect time to clear your head and can help to put you in a far better mental and emotional state by the end of your practice time.

Walk Everywhere You Can

Walking is very good for your general health as well as an effective cross workout for most sports. If you can’t lift weights or get to the gym, you can help to maintain your fitness levels by walking more often. This may mean parking as far out as you can or even leaving your car at home for a trip to the store; anything which forces you to take some additional steps on your way. Walking doesn’t have to be a means of transportation from place to place. For example, you can bypass the elevator and take every staircase you see or if you have a dog, walk it more often, so it can get all the benefits of walking too. 

Stay Fit Through Housework

The key to keeping up your practice habits is to maintain your physical levels, so you won’t feel worn out and get discouraged. Sometimes, this can be as simple as doing your chores. Doing housework can burn some serious calories and benefit you as much as a full-body workout. As you are working on a project that increases your home’s value, your net wealth and health can be improved at the same time. To burn the most calories, start off by cleaning your home inside out – vacuum the floors, dust the blinds, tidy your kitchen and bathrooms, or even take care of your garden. 

Get On Your Bike

Just as with walking, cycling can act as a very effective supplementary exercise to your favorite sport. If you are having trouble finding enough time to exercise, embedding your workout into your daily routine, such as by converting your commute into a bike ride, can be an easy way to do it. By biking to work every day, you can squeeze in 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise every weekday, and this will really add up. 

Get On Your Bike

However, if your commute is longer than just a few miles, or you don’t want to arrive at work sweating, you can consider getting an electric bike. It is probably not the first thing you think of when it comes to practicing, but there are actually health benefits that come with riding one regularly. While riding an electric bike can make you feel like you are not exercising as much, the energy and effort you put in can help build muscle and burn serious calories. 

Reward Yourself

Giving yourself a reward is a great way to stay motivated. Set your own sports goals, and reward yourself after you’ve achieved them. Whether you crave a new outfit, or you are desperate to watch the new season of your favorite show, don’t allow yourself that reward until you have fulfilled your goals. A reward system has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to keep people motivated and to seriously improve health, fitness, and sporting aptitude.

We have all experienced those days where we just cannot motivate ourselves to exercise. We postpone one day, then another, then another, and then before you know it, the goals that you committed to months ago are not even further from reach. Practicing sports has so many benefits, from boosting our energy levels, improving physical health, keeping our minds sharp, and saving costs on health care. There are dozens of reasons that practicing sports is a good idea. Try out some of the motivational tips in this guide, just remember that no matter what works for you, staying active is the ultimate goal.