Sitting in the backyard and watching TV in the fresh air – who has not dreamed about it? What is the obstacle then? The main reason why many homeowners cannot afford it is the price of a TV set for outdoors. One more obstacle is the price of a special weatherproof TV cabinet and the installation. But if outdoor TV has become your obsession, there is a way.

It is possible to install outside a normal TV, just arrange the installation place properly. Of course, you will have to spend some money on a lift system and a cabinet (you can use an old piece of furniture though). With the proper tools and our detailed guide, you can make a hidden TV lift. It will turn your backyard into the most favourite place of the entire family and friends.

Let us start with the place where you want to have your TV. It is better if you install it in a shady place. First of all, direct sunshine is not good for the cabinet and the TV itself. Second, watching your TV will be not convenient if the sunshine falls on its screen.

There shall be stable and sturdy support for the installation. Choose a wall if it is possible. If not, you might need to hire somebody to make strong concrete or brick support.

Now, you can move on to the cabinet creation.

How to Make a Cabinet for an Outdoor TV

For your outdoor cabinet, you can use a piece of furniture that you already have. Make sure you can fit our TV set into it.

Paint the cabinet or adorn it to fit into the environment of your backyard. Seal the joints with weather-strips. If you have found larger openings, use caulking.

Now, when your cabinet is weather-proofed, you can move to set up a TV lift.

Note: if you are going to install the item in an easily accessible place, we recommend to put a padlock on it. It for sure will help to prevent the theft. If your TV is going to be set up in a safe place, but you have small kids, a lock is still needed. Kids are unpredictable, you know. One never knows where they will want to play the next time. With a lock, they will not be able to climb inside and damage the item and themselves.

How to Choose a TV Lift Correctly

You need to know a lot of things to select a proper TV lift system.

  • The weight of the installation is one of the most important details. You don’t want your TV and the entire application collapse, do you? Thus, consider the weight of your TV set plus the weight of the cabinet. Add the weight of accessories, such as fittings, a cable box, etc. Consider that this value is the static weight while you need to know how much the TV lift can handle in movement. If you aren’t sure how to calculate it, you can ask a specialist.
  • Now, check the stroke length. It is a distance at which the TV shall be moved. For example, if you want to watch the device sometimes in a sitting position, sometimes while, for example, preparing BBC, the stroke length shall be pretty significant. This value is indicated on the TV lift. If you have doubt, again, don’t hesitate to ask for help. A good manufacturer always has representatives who are responsible for providing assistance to customers.
  • One more crucial factor is the IP rating of the actuators used in your TV lift. You will use it outdoors. So, the system shall be at least weatherproof. If you live in some extremely dusty place of in your location heavy tropical rains are frequent, you might want to choose actuators with a higher IP rating.
  • Finally, the design shall be appealing. If you don’t like it, you will not enjoy your backyard, and this is definitely not your aim: to spend a lot of money (yes, it still costs enough) just to spoil the way your backyard looks. Thus, select something that looks appealing.

Wired or Wireless?

Now, one more important thing needs to be decided upon: do you want a wireless installation or a wired one? Both have their benefits.

  • Wireless installation is easier. You might even handle it on your own. You can ask your cable company whether they provide a wireless option and about the choices you have.
  • A wired installation is more reliable. Though you might need to hire an electrician to lay all those wires. If you still decide to do it on your own, don’t forget that they shall be for outdoors, too. It is recommended to place them in special pipes to protect from the elements. Well, we still insist on hiring an electrician because this part of the job might be pretty tricky.

Where Does a Cable Box Go?

It is better if you can install it in the house. Though if it is impossible, it is better to fix it in the cabinet. Fix it behind the TV set if it is small enough. You might even make a special enclosure to hide it. If there is not sufficient space behind the item you can install the cable box by your TV. Make sure it is also protected from the influence of the elements.

It is Assembly Time!

Now, assemble the installation. Attach the cabinet to the lift, and the lift install on the mounting surface (once more, it shall be sturdy enough to support the weight of all the items). Fix the TV set. Normally, it comes with all the accessories, such as supports, screws, and so on.

Once done test the installation by moving it to small distances. If all works smoothly, you can now enjoy your TV outside! Don’t forget to invite all your friends and family members to enjoy the new experience and to admire your skills and creativity!