Unfortunately for the parents, there’s no way to know what university your child will get into. But what you can do is make sure that they are equipped with the best possible skills for uni. This is especially important if your child wants to go into a STEM-related field of study. Luckily, there are lots of ways to prepare them! Here are some ways that schools and education centres in Singapore are preparing kids for uni:

Schools and education centres are ramping up the learning journey to prepare kids for uni

Schools and education centres are ramping up the learning journey to prepare kids for uni, providing a wide range of enrichment programmes.

For example, Singapore’s Centre for Academic Integrity (CAI), which is part of the National University of Singapore (NUS), has been offering a pre-university programme since 2008. The programme is designed to help students build on their strengths and identify areas for growth through workshops, lectures and mentoring sessions with current undergraduates from NUS.

“By engaging students early, we can help them better prepare themselves for university life,” says CAI coordinator Tan Suki Yan. “It also allows us to identify potential students who have the intellectual ability but may need some extra support.”

Starting early

The most important thing to do, however, is start early. If you want your child to be successful in university, you need to get them into the right mindset from a young age. As a parent, it’s important that you teach your child how to learn independently and how important it is for them not just memorize facts but also understand concepts. This can be done through reading with your child every night or by doing activities such as puzzles which will increase their mental capacity. In addition to doing these activities with them at home, start sending them on errands so that they become more independent and more capable of thinking about what needs completing without being told step-by-step instructions on how to do each task – this will help them develop their ability as a problem solver when they’re older too!

Learning through fun

Learning through play is a philosophy that we all can get behind. It’s not just about making your child happy, but it’s also about ensuring their development. In fact, there are many studies that show how play helps children develop important skills for future learning and life. Children who engage in more physical activity tend to be better at paying attention and controlling their emotions, which makes them better able to focus on the task at hand—both in school and out of it! In addition, they develop social skills (like sharing toys or being kind) that are essential for healthy relationships with other kids later on in life. There’s no denying it: Learning through fun is an important part of childhood development!

Applying theory to practical use

The theory of something is not the same as practical use. The theory is a guide and helps you understand concepts, but it doesn’t tell you what to do in real life. In order to be successful, you need to apply your knowledge in practical situations.

Upgrading their skill set

Universities are great, but they do not prepare you for the real world. Schools should be preparing students beyond just the classroom by giving them opportunities to work on projects in different fields and prepare them for real-world situations. This will help students build up their confidence and give them a head start on building their own skillset. However, there are many ways schools can do this: by introducing more industry-related subjects into the curriculum; by allowing students to take part in various school competitions; or even through internships that allow students to gain some valuable experience before entering university life.

School-based enrichment programmes

Enrichment programmes are designed to help students develop their skills and interests, and there are a number of different types. Some schools offer in-house enrichment programmes while others outsource them to external providers.

What can you expect from enrichment programmes?

Enrichment activities may include a wide variety of subjects, such as :

  • Drama or music classes – The Singapore Ministry of Education allows schools to provide remedial support in areas such as English and mathematics through these activities so long as they do not detract from the normal curriculum.
  • Sports or other physical activity – Some schools have sports teams with which students can participate on weekends or after school.
  • Career guidance – Students can learn about different career paths that interest them by attending talks given by employers who come into school regularly.

The best way to start prepping your child is to promote their interests.

As a parent, you have the power to encourage your child’s interests. You can do so by supporting their pursuits and providing the tools and resources they need to pursue them.

Your child might be interested in drawing or writing, cooking or photography, filming or coding—and they may not be sure where to begin with any of those things! If your child is pursuing an interest that requires some form of training or certification (like becoming a chef), it’s good practice for you as a parent to help them find training programs that are right for them.


The key takeaway is that school is the best place to start preparing your child for university. It’s all about building their interests, so that they can pursue what they love in higher education and beyond. If you’re looking at other options like after-school enrichment programmes, make sure these are aligned with your child’s interests and skillset so they don’t feel overwhelmed by new skills that aren’t relevant yet.