Office to home, home to office. Every day, we follow this pattern. So, it’s not something very surprising if in a day, out of this pattern, you feel a little bit hungrier than the normal. On the roads or the mighty river, it’s all the same. A difference makes us craving for food more. So, this time, where are you are going to spend your vacation? Have you packed enough food for your road trip? Let’s plan for it and make the perfect food for the road trip!

   1.Beef sandwich/burger/jerky

Which snacks are the best ones for the road trip? You may name a few of them. But, to satisfy your hunger and make you full for longer, nothing can beat the protein. Beef always works to provide a tastier and healthier meal. So, whether it is a beef burger or beef sandwich or homemade beef jerky pack it and take it with you for road trips.


Sometimes, on the road, you just feel boring and nothing to do. To pass the time, you may take some carrots with you. These are a healthy option to pass time. Rather than eating some junk food or chips, this can be a better option for you.

    3.Pistachio and walnuts

Do you love nuts? You can bring some of them with you to eat while on the road. Among all the nuts, walnuts will provide you the most Omega 3 acids. And pistachio, they will provide you good taste and ensure your health.

    4.Fruit juice

Enjoying the road sight with a sip of juice, sound amazing, right? But, wait! Don’t take any fruit juice from the store. Choose the bottle which has less sugar and preservatives. Go for the raw juice. If you take a mini blender, you can even make it on your own. While a juicer can serve the purpose, taking a mini blender will serve in several ways. You will be able to blend something for your kid and maybe, can make a delicious sandwich for you too!


Who doesn’t love fruit! But, if you want to take some fruit with you on the trips, you should preserve it well. There are some fruits which get discolor easily, some need a little bit of water. Some need to take extra care from the road bump. While taking your favorite fruits on the road trip, keep these things in your head.

     6.Dried fruits

You will get so many types of dried fruits in the store. But, don’t go for it instantly. Take a look at the level. Are those preserved with sugar and any harmful ingredients? If they are harmful, even after being tastier, don’t try them. It would be better if you take some dates with you. They are naturally dry. You don’t need to take the extra hassle to keep them good. They are sweet, still healthy.

     7.Dark chocolate

Are you bored? A fascinating bar of dark chocolate can lighten your mood up. It shouldn’t be that much dark. But, if you are a dark chocolate lover, it will be the most amazing food option for you. It will taste bitter, but you will love it. On the other hand, it will keep your heart healthy too.

      8.Boiled egg

While on a road trip, for your family, for you, for your kids- every time you can take some boiled eggs with you. This option is the less messy option while traveling. You can prepare them easily and even, store them without any concern too. If with the protein of the eggs you want to have a full meal, take some crackers too. It will ensure your health and make you happy.


  Yogurt is one of the most amazing things that will provide you enough energy to operate and make you feel good. It won’t provide you the feeling of being full. But, with the sweet and sour taste, even if your mood and body are not in good condition, you will feel good.

      10.Protein bars

So? Need to ensure enough energy even after finishing the trip? Protein bars can be the best probable option for you. Before choosing the bar, be sure that there is not only sugar and additives. Go for a bar, which will give your body enough energy without any sugar crash.

      11.No-bake protein balls

While taking a protein balls needs lots of preparation and maybe, some hygiene issue too, you just can create it without baking. All you need to do is, mixing oats, nut butter, protein powder, shredded coconut, dried fruit, chocolate chips, and chopped nuts and make it round. Done! Your no-bake protein balls are ready!

      12.Crackers and cake

You can make it in your home by yourself. Making different types of cakes are really easy. You can go for crackers too. All you have to do is, mixing flour, salt and water and taking some portion out of it in a thin shape. After that, you just need to fry them in oil. You can make different shapes out of it too.


Not only fruits, but you can also take your favorite vegetables with you on road trips. Cucumber, avocado, boiled broccoli- all of them can be on your list. They won’t need much effort to prepare too.

      14.Coconut chips

Coconut chips are too easy to make, but a little bit tough to protect. You just need to cut a slice of your coconut and fry them in the oil. You should keep it in an airtight box. Otherwise, it can lose its crunchiness.


It won’t need much time from you. You just need to prepare a ‘roti’ and put all the cooked vegetables into it. With some ketchup, you can eat this and provide it to your family easily. It not only will make the trip tastier, but it will also make you all full too!


Carbs always works like magic and create addiction. Like the way French fries work, popcorn works the best in that case too. While going for an exciting road trip, to pass your time and feed you something crunchy- take popcorn with you. Keep it in an airtight box. The complex carbs of popcorn, it will make you feel good immediately. From the store, you will find popcorns filled with chemicals. Don’t go for them. Try the raw one that is made from corn, oil, and salt. You may prepare some at home too.