Spending time with your girl friends can bring many benefits to your life. Merely chatting with them can provide stress relief, increase your self-esteem, and improve your mental health. The presence of these people can also help you come up with better decisions in life.  

But, because most adults are too busy with their lives, not all of them will have the time and energy to personally meet with their girl friends. If you and your friends are in the same situation, don’t fret because you can always hold a virtual party. As long as you have a smartphone and a stable Internet connection, it’ll be very easy for you to hold a virtual party. 

To help you out, here’s how you can organize a virtual party with your girl friends: 

1.  Send Out Invitations In Advance 

Just like any other event, it’s essential that you send out invitations to the people who you’d want to be present at the party. Ideally, you should send out invitations two weeks before the day of the big event so your guests will have enough time to prepare.  

Depending on your preferences, you can simply text your girl friends about the virtual party or use invitation platforms, such as Greenvelope, to inform them of the event. Regardless of how you plan to invite your closest friends, make sure that your invitation contains important information about the virtual party, such as the time and what will happen throughout the event.  

2. Make Plans Together 

Even if the party is done virtually, it’s essential that you and your girl friends still show up prepared for the event. Days before the virtual party, find time to discuss with them how the event will go. Is there going to be a theme?  How long will the virtual party last?  What online platform will you use to hold the virtual party?  Having answers to these questions will ensure that your virtual party will be memorable and problems will be minimized and addressed ahead of time.  

During this time, encourage your girl friends to raise any concerns they have about the virtual party. Communication is key for you and your girl friends to come up with a robust plan for the virtual party.  

3. Decide On Decorations And Costumes 

If you and your gal pals love to cosplay and join events, why not take this chance to organize a cosplay part? You can dress up in your best costumes or as your favorite characters. Large gatherings are still prohibited in many places to contain the spread of the virus, so there won’t be cosplay conventions any time soon. Give your and your friends’ costumes a chance to see the light of day by asking everyone to cosplay during your virtual party.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when hosting virtual parties is disregarding the importance of decorations and costumes. They think that since everything will be done virtually, there’s no need to decorate the background or wear costumes. However, if you want your virtual party to be more fun, it’s essential that you and your girl friends actually set up decorations and wear costumes.  

To make it easier for everyone to prepare decorations and costumes, decide a theme first. Do you and your girl friends love the color pink?  Throwing an all-pink virtual party with pink decors and costumes might work best for the group. Do you and your girl friends want to have a safari-themed party?  If this is the case, using decors and costumes in animal prints might be appropriate.  

Aside from making your virtual party more interesting and colorful, decorations and costumes will also look good in pictures. The pictures you’ll take during your virtual party will surely be one for the books! 

4. Assign Responsibilities 

Regardless of how easy you think organizing a virtual party is, make sure that you still designate and assign responsibilities. Aside from making your life easy when preparing for the event, assigning responsibilities will keep your girl friends engaged and excited.  

The responsibilities you’re going to assign to yourself and your girl friends will depend on the kind of virtual party you’ll have. If you’re going to have a game night party, it’s vital that the group decides on who will be the game leader. If the event is about showing each other’s vacation slideshows, everyone should know who will go first, second, and so on.  

Assigning responsibilities ahead of time will ensure that the virtual party will run smoothly, and the event isn’t full of dead air. Even if the entire event is done virtually, keep in mind that you or your girl friends shouldn’t feel bored if nothing interesting is happening on the screens.  

5. Set Ground Rules 

Having a virtual party with your girl friends is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, but having one without ground rules can only cause stress. Setting ground rules ahead of time will increase the success of your virtual party and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as planned.  

Some of the most common ground rules you can follow during your own virtual party are: 

    • When to switch on your microphones: Virtual parties can be the perfect opportunity for you and your girl friends to catch up, but this won’t happen if everybody is simultaneously talking on their microphones. This will only make the event noisy and very chaotic.  Thus, for your upcoming virtual party, decide as to when one must switch on their microphone. Or, if you want a more organized virtual party, open up to your girl friends the idea of using an online platform that allows the host to control the guests’ microphones. 
    • Topics that shouldn’t be discussed: Depending on your chosen theme, you and your girl friends can also decide on the subjects that shouldn’t be discussed during the virtual party. Instead of improving everyone’s mental health, talking about the current events or political issues will only aggravate your and your girl friends’ stress.  
    • Avoid busy areas: It’ll be challenging for you and your girl friends to focus on the virtual party if one has very busy surroundings. Instead of paying attention to the host, the participants of the virtual party will end up being too distracted. Make sure that this doesn’t happen to your virtual party by encouraging your girl friends to set their cameras in their rooms, and not in busy areas around the house. The simpler and quieter everyone’s background is, the easier it’ll be for everyone to focus on the virtual event.  

Improve Your Skills  

If this is your first time to organize a virtual party with your girl friends, don’t be too hard on yourself if the event didn’t go well as planned. Instead, use this experience to improve so you’ll eventually become the best host in all of the virtual parties you’ll throw in the future!