So, you are looking for a strong cup of coffee? In this quest, you are not alone. In fact, every coffee-sipping human on the planet has had this same question in his mind. We are here to answer your questions and help you on your quest of getting that perfect cup you deserve.

When it comes to making strong coffee, it can go two ways. Either you are looking for more flavor or you are looking for higher caffeine content in your coffee. Well, in either case, we shall talk about both the situations and give you all the possible solutions for your simple problem. While getting to the point where you can make your perfect cup of coffee takes time and practice, some guidance from us will definitely help expedite the process.

Another great option for getting a strong caffeine content is to go for the pre-filled pods. Not only are these optimized for flavor but some of these offer the highest caffeine content all with the convenience of a pre-filled pod. So, if this something you would want to try, here are some of the highest caffeine k-cups for Keurig we would recommend.

How to Make Strong Coffee? – The Flavor Games

You might have heard that increasing the amount of coffee you add to your cup will make the coffee stronger, but that will only make your cup bitter. Here are some methods we would recommend you in order to get more flavor.

Choose a darker roast. This is by far the best and most effective way to increase the flavor of your coffee. The beans are roasted longer and hence carry a much stronger and richer flavor than other varieties. It is easy to do too, if you are buying an off the shelf product, the bag or the container will clearly state the roast as either light, medium, or dark. Simply choose the dark one. Or if you acquire your beans from a roaster, ask them about their dark roasts, and while that might be educational. It will also help you choose something best for your requirements.

There are four types of coffee beans out there, but the two that are most commonly used are arabica and robusta. As these are the most widely available and economical choices out there, choosing between the two can be difficult. While robusta is known for its high caffeine content, the arabica is globally known to be richer in flavor. So, the next time you are out buying beans, try to get your hands on some dark roasted Arabica beans to get the correct flavor you are looking for in your strong cup of coffee.

A good alternative to brewing your own cup is to get a k-cup pod system. This simple product gives you a whole variety of flavors all in prefilled pods that are ready to go for single-time use.

How to Make Strong Coffee? - The Flavor Games

If you are ordering at a cafe, order for a cup of their dark roast coffee. While this might get you the best tasting cup of coffee, it might not be the one that comes with the high amount of caffeine though.

Stronger Taste, More Caffeine? 

So now that we know what some of the ways are that will ensure your cup of strong coffee brands is rich in flavor, let’s talk about the caffeine content. It is not always true that a rich-tasting cup will have more caffeine, so how exactly do we get there?

Scientifically speaking, a lighter roast will always have higher caffeine content in it than a darker roast, but does a light roast ensure the high amount is served? The catch here is simply how the amount of roasting has broken down the oils in a bean and surprisingly, the caffeine hit from a dark roast will always get absorbed sooner in your bloodstream and the result would mostly be instant. Also, since most of the breaking down process has been done inside the roaster, it also goes easy on our digestive systems while processing the coffee.

On the other hand, a light roast might take some time to enter your bloodstream and give you that caffeine fixes you were looking for, but once it does, it hits you like a train. The easiest way of letting the caffeine hit you in the morning is by taking an espresso shot followed by a cup of light roast coffee. That way the espresso will fix your short-term need while the light roast will slowly work its magic and kick in just as its darker form is starting to fade.

Caffeine does come with certain benefits and will enhance your brain function and alertness for short periods of time. However, it is also a highly addictive substance and a high intake can result in a number of health complications. Now we are not talking about simple complications here, in fact, taking an excessive amount of caffeine will eventually lead to insomnia, stomach irritation, anxiety, and increased respiration and heart rate just to name a few. So, before you decide to go down this path, make sure you are not exceeding the healthy consumption figures.