Shopping for a dress or outfit for a wedding can be a lot of fun. What’s not so fun is spending a couple of hundred dollars (or more) on a dress you might not wear again. Instead of buying a piece to wear for one event, shop for black tie dresses that you can get much more use out of. Read on for key shopping tips to help you decide how you can buy a dress for a wedding that you can wear long after the reception ends. 

Date Night Chic

When you’re single, dates (especially first dates) can feel stressful enough without having to worry about what to wear. If you’re in a relationship or married, dates can sometimes happen on a whim. Be ready to go with a stunning dress that you previously wore to your friend’s wedding that leaves a lasting impression on your date. 

The best thing you can wear on a date is confidence. When you have a go-to dress or two-piece outfit that you can trust to give you that edge of confidence on a date, you’ll have a great time no matter what. Choose a dress that works for both and aim for romance – which works for both occasions. Reformation’s Chania Dress features romantic lace detailing, an open lower back, and sleek silk material that’s perfect for a wedding or a date night. The Chania Dress in black makes a nice choice to pair the look with every season.

Black Tie Versatility

The best way to get more use out of your clothes is the ability to dress them up or down. Some black tie dresses that work for weddings can easily be dressed down as casual streetwear. If you’re looking for an outfit for a wedding and want to be able to wear it again as part of your everyday wardrobe.

Two-piece outfits, jumpsuits, and short skirt dresses make perfect streetwear attire. Material is another key factor to consider when shopping. Silk dresses often have a fancier look to them, but linen is a material that is easy to dress up or down. The Daylily Set from Reformation is the perfect versatile outfit. It’s fancy for an event, chic for streetwear, and stylish for the office. 

Wear Your Wedding Dress Over and Over Again

Why purchase a gorgeous dress that looks stunning on you only to wear it once? Make the most out of your white dress by opting for a style that can be worn multiple times. Re-wear your white dress for your anniversary dinner or put it on for a black tie event. There are plenty of occasions where a fancy white dress will suit.

If you want to get versatility out of your wedding dress, keep that in mind as you shop. Think about other occasions that would suit the black tie dress. A large ballgown, for example, likely won’t work well for a black tie event. Relaxed-fit skirts, silk jumpsuits, or wrap skirts are great style options that can be worn outside your wedding day. The Lecce Dress from Reformation makes a great choice for your wedding day that leaves you looking gorgeous and also has a fit that suits black tie events or a date night to a fancy restaurant.

Vacation Ready Attire

When you’re away on vacation, you’re sure to have at least one night where you go out for a fancy dinner or event. Keep a dress ready to go in your closet that’s comfortable for a vacation dinner and for dancing the night away at a wedding reception.

The Andee Dress from Reformation is an excellent option for both weddings and vacations. The maxi skirt with a slit makes it a comfortable choice no matter the season – from beach weddings and vacations to winter weddings and snowcovered vacations – and the style comes in a variety of floral prints and solid colors to choose the one that best fits your personal style.  


If you’re searching for versatility in your wardrobe to become more sustainable and get more use out of the items you wear to weddings, Reformation is the best place to shop. Not only does Reformation offer a huge selection of styles to choose from, but the brand also has a sustainability mission to become Climate Positive by 2025. Together, you and Reformation can make a difference in the environment.