Before 2017, the University of Texas at Austin was considered one of the top-ranked “party
schools” in the entire country.

However, the university dropped from the list in the succeeding years, with only 2.9% of the
students believe that a “party atmosphere” and a thriving University of Texas social life make
UT a great university.

Despite being dropped from the list, UT at Austin students still find ways to relax and unwind
after a long week at school or in the middle of an academic hell week.

After all, Austin isn’t called the Live Music Capital for no reason.

Here are the top places that can make the most out of your University of Texas social life:

Rainey Street

Rainey Street is a short 6-minute drive from UT. The proximity makes it an excellent spot for
students who are looking for some fun and relaxing times.

Rainey Street is a strip of ancestral houses turned into restaurants and bars. This place is
famous among bar-hoppers and cocktail lovers. This is also located near Lady Bird Lake and is
considered as the hippest place in Austin right now. Beer gardens sit next to whiskey bars, and
classic American restaurants next to ethnic restaurants.

Students love the ambiance of the strip. They can enjoy the food made by food trucks, as well
as live music played on the patios. And to add to the attraction, there are huge screens where
locals and visitors can watch live football games.


Antone’s maybe a small Blues club, but it has hosted world-renowned artists like BB King, Stevie
Ray Vaughan, and Eric Clapton. Gary Clark Jr is now a part-owner of the club, so you might see
him swing by the club to play on stage. Antone’s is open daily from 12:00 PM to 2: 00 AM.


This is an excellent place for university students because you can play pool with your friends all
day, or drink all through the afternoon. At night, you can hit the dance floor and enjoy drinks
with your buddies.

Summit Rooftop Lounge

If you want to dance your heart out after an exam or after a successful school presentation,
Summit Rooftop Lounge is the best place to visit. They are open from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM
daily. Enjoy the dance area that sits under the vast city skyline. You can also play host to your
friends and enjoy the music of local and touring DJs. The place is well-rated because of its
exclusive location, beautiful ambiance, and LED-lit walls.


Located at Austin’s Red River Cultural District, Barbarella is well-recognized by Austin and UT’s
party crowd. While the club may be lacking in frills, it compensates by the raw party energy.
Those who enjoy the 1980s pop music will love dancing at Barbarella. Those who also enjoy
contemporary dance music will have a fun time on the dance floor.

What’s even more exciting is that the club throws different theme nights and late-night drinking
spree. Combined with an impressive range of music, the perfect party scene is created.
There are plenty of relaxing activities you can enjoy within the University of Texas. If you want
to know more about the UT social scene, check out Christian Coffey’s videos on Campus Reel