This is the list of those absolutely essential tools that you must own and use to make good food and enjoy more. 

Food is essential to our life. There is no way around this, right? With that in mind, cooking is also inextricably related to eating food. Some of us like to cook, and some of us don’t, but the right cooking appliances make life easier. 

Good kitchen appliances are the secret to making good food conveniently. Even difficult recipes can become really easy to make, that too on a daily basis if you own the right appliances. 

To get the diversity of conveniences in and make a great addition to your kitchen, you can follow this article: 

Instant Pot

This device is an energy-efficient kitchen appliance that has multiple functions, such as slow cooking, baking, boiling rice making, sautéing, vegetable steaming, warming, and many more. 

You can even come up with your own recipe and try cooking it in the instant pot. These electric instant pots can save up to 70% of your time and reduce energy usage. 

Boiling in other devices can result in the leaching out of the water-soluble vitamins out of foods, but a pressure cooker or an instant pot holds up the vitamins and minerals and even reduces the leech by up to 90%. 

Unlike ovens or stoves, instant pots are environment-friendly and safe to use. You also do not have to monitor it. It is super easy to use. 

Also, when you are cooking on stoves, you have to use an open container that exposes the food to oxygen and heat, leading the food to be cooked with insipid flavors. But instant pots allow the food to preserve the flavors and enable the flavors to develop faster. 

This way, your food gets well-cooked faster than other devices. The airtight feature of an instant pot enables the food to retain its bright colors. You can literally just dump all the ingredients, close the lid, press buttons, and get a mouth-watering proper meal within just a few minutes.  

Instant pots are also very easy to clean, and you really do not have to spend much to buy one. Honestly, if I were you, I would’ve kept my eyes on the holiday sales to buy a good instant pot. To get tender, flavorful meals easily, there is no substitute for a good instant pot. 

Convection-Style Toaster Oven

Who doesn’t like a mug of hot milk, scrambled eggs, and toasts on breakfast?

If you have a kitchen but not a toaster oven, then you should consider buying one. It is one of the most convenient appliances to assist you in making tasty snacks and breakfast meals. 

These days, toaster ovens even come with modern cooking features. The features help to cook food even faster than microwave ovens. You can save both time and space with a toaster oven. 

Microwave ovens and full-size convection ovens are a bit expensive. Meanwhile, inexpensive toaster ovens can be found in every electronic shop. It also saves up your electric bills. 

A toaster oven uses up to 1200 and 1800W, which is half of the other conventional ovens. The best feature about toaster ovens is that they do not overheat the kitchen. 

You can easily get delicious brown foods with only minimal heat energy. They also do not make your food hard and chewy. 


When it comes to choosing between a blender and a juicer, a blender is always a better option. 

It also is a device that can help you consume healthy food even if you are not very fond of it. Do you not like vegetables or fruits? Just blend them and convert them into tasty drinks or desserts. 

A good feature of blenders is that you can feel the fiber even after blending it. You can also use it for making soup, grinding spices, and preparing sauces other than making smoothies. 

Blending also is a less wasteful process compared to juicing. The fibers stay completely intact, which saves a huge percentage of the nutrients. Blenders also save up your time. Just put the elements into your blender. Blend. Tada! You just made your favorite smoothie within 5 minutes.  

Electric Kettle

Are you into having tea four times a day? Then the best appliance for you is an electric kettle. Not only tea, but you can also boil any type of beverage you want with an electric kettle. 

Waiting for water to boil on your stove takes up a huge amount of time. Electric kettles are a major time saver. You just press a button, and the liquid gets warm on its own and beeps or shows a light when the process is done. 

Unlike stoves, it is a safer tool. As the water boils faster on this device, it also saves up your electricity bill. 

Vegetable Spiralizer 

A vegetable spiralizer is an amazing tool that can help you with making salads uniquely. With your spiralizer, you can make raw salads and low-carb pasta and ramen, which will satisfy not only your taste buds but also your eyes, as they can add a bit of decor to the dishes. 

When you are in a hurry, a vegetable spiralizer can be really handy. You can just make a healthy dish with vegetables and fruits, leaving minimal food waste. This versatile tool is also really versatile and can also be used on various types of fruits and vegetables. 

Cooking potatoes and other root vegetables sometimes take up a good amount of time, but spiralizing these can literally save up hours of your day. 

Now making vegetables will not feel like a chore; you can upgrade your game with the help of a vegetable spiralizer.

Small kitchen appliances absolutely should make their way into your kitchen. Whether you are changing your house or remaking or updating your current kitchen, small kitchen appliances will upgrade your lifestyle and make it easy. 

The list we have provided is not only a collection of the best and most-needed devices, but they also can add a nice touch to decorate your kitchen.