Singapore gains laurels for its booming economy, low crime rates, less traffic congestion and an overall peaceful environment. The Lion City has scenic landscapes, a wide variety of cultural festivals, lush greenery, astounding wild life, including different species of birds and animals, thrilling amusement parks, shopping opportunities, and delectable cuisine.

Out of the many tourist attractions, Singapore Zoo is one popular venue you cannot miss. It is one of the world’s best natural rainforest zoos. Opened in 1973, and located on the north-western side of the island, Singapore zoo is a heaven for animal lovers. It has also won several international and local accolades.

Singapore Zoo spans over 11 zones. It shelters over 2800 animals from approximately 300 species. You can see Malayan tapirs, white tigers, mouse deer, lemurs, orangutans, elephants and crocodiles. You can have a unique wildlife experience.

Singapore Zoo: One of the World’s Best Zoos

From learning about animals, to strolling and camping under the open sky you can enjoy myriad entertainment options in Singapore Zoo. If you haven’t planned yet, you should include a visit to the zoo in your Singapore trip.

Singapore zoo has been a crowd puller, ever since its inception in 1973. As you purchase discounted Singapore Zoo Tickets to enter the zoo, you will be amazed by the following discoveries:

  • It sticks to ‘open concept’, where animals freely roam and live in a natural and open space. The waist-high fences prevent danger to the animals. It appears a tropical jungle with vibrant blooms, tall and spiralling leafy trees, and verdant shrubs. You can see the birds and monkeys climbing natural vines and trees, instead of man-made ropes and planks.
  • Being a wildlife reserve, Singapore zoo is a home to lots of animals, reptiles and birds. As such, you can come across Asian elephants, Sun bear, Capuchin Monkey, Indian star tortoise, banded mongoose, Meerkat, Arapaima and many more. Carnivores include wolverines, white tigers, African lions, leopards and cheetahs. Reptiles consist of green iguana, chameleon, python, and north caiman lizards.
  • The spectacular flora and fauna, means you can closely have a glimpse of the majestic zebras and lions of Wild Africa. You can view lovable sloths and lemurs in the Fragile Forest. At the Australasia enclosure you can make friends with wallabies and grey kangaroos.
  • It is structured according to the natural geographical environment of the animals. Hence, it also accommodates rare and engendered species, such as babirusa, a cross between a pig and a deer.
  • You will find the animals more playful, fun-loving and active than in any other zoo of the world. Due to the tropical climate of Singapore and the natural feel in the zoo, they seem to be loving life.
  • You will find well-maintained animals, birds and reptiles. Since they are well-fed they look healthy and cheerful.

Amazing things to do

Here are some of the enthralling things you can do in Singapore Zoo:

  • Indulge in some engaging animal shows like splash safari show, elephant presentation, rainforest fights back show, and animal friends show.
  • Nurture wildlife through fun feeding sessions like, elephant, goat, giraffe and white rhinoceros feeding.
  • Have your international buffet breakfast with the adorable orangutan family, and capture the spontaneous wildlife actions.
  • Interactive chit-chat sessions with the keepers provide you with quirky information about the zoo’s inmates.
  • Rainforest Kidzworld offers amusement for children with domestic animals, like dogs and parrots.
  • Brickosaurs world is a first-of-its-kind, dinosaur kingdom made with 1.5 million toy bricks.
  • Watch Rainforest Fights Back show in the main amphitheatre of the zoo.
  • Aquatic animals, like sea lions and dolphins, and water birds, like pelicans and wayer, offer amazing spectacle while you take the Splash Safari.
  • Purchase nature and animal themed gifts and souvenirs, such as plush toys and mementos from the Singapore Zoo Gift Shop.

Tips to Travel

While visiting Singapore zoo, remember the below-mentioned tricks for a memorable day:

  • Arrive early in the morning. You can find less crowd in the place. Moreover, you can also make the best use of the competitively cool climate of the morning.
  • Always bring a raincoat or an umbrella with you. You can receive surprise rains in Singapore.
  • Check with your zoo guide, and plan your day at the zoo or maximum satisfaction.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the Zoo tour to beat the hot and humid conditions.
  • Hats, sunscreens, insect repellent sprays, sunglasses are a must during your visit.
  • You can hire a wagon, stroller, guided tram ride or wheelchair for easy movement through the zoo.
  • Wear light coloured, loose cotton clothes and socks to remain comfortable.
  • Pre-book your tickets online to save time, money and energy.

Points to Remember

Don’t miss certain terms and conditions while making the Singapore Zoo tour:

  • Seasonal themed exhibits run from May to June in addition to its everyday presentations and shows.
  • The ticket is valid for the stated date only.
  • Don’t smoke or litter garbage in the park.
  • Don’t bring flammable or hazardous objects with you.
  • Don’t do anything illegal, immoral or perform any noisy activity inside the park.
  • You cannot advertise or sell your products or business.
  • You cannot photoshoot or record videos for commercial purposes.
  • Balloons, roller skaters, skateboards or bicycles are not allowed.
  • You cannot use flash light or photography during night safari.
  • For any death, injury, loss or inconvenience, the park is not responsible.


Thus, with the help of these suggestions, you can smoothly explore the extensive Singapore zoo. It is meant for kids and adults alike. Whether for family vacation, group adventure or romantic getaway, Singapore Zoo is the perfect place. You can also capture wonderful photographs for creating lifetime memories. 

You can go for a buggy-ride and sightsee the different exhibits. For best results within time restrictions, you can book in advance the admission ticket along with entry fees for in-park experiences. You can buy off-season tickets for availing discounts and affordable luxury options. You should be careful with the instructions and code of conduct before visiting.