Not every traveller is the same. For some, getting away from home is about relaxing in beautiful settings, whilst others prefer to be active in exploring the local area and its culture. For a small set of islands, the UK is home to a broad range of different experiences which make it appealing to a broad range of travellers, regardless of their personal interests or preferences.

Whilst many can list off the major UK destinations like London, Edinburgh and Cambridge, it’s often the less common locations which offer those hidden gems which blow you away. To help you experience the perfect parts of the UK for you, here are three notable locations which offer something unique and specific for the discerning holidaymaker.

Oxford – For the Architectural Connoisseur

Oxford is widely known for its exceptionally old university, which was established over 900 years ago and is widely considered the second oldest university in the world. Whilst visiting the university is a must if you visit the town, Oxford has much more to offer than just a high-quality education.

Originally founded back in the 8th century, Oxford is a town cloaked in both mystery and history. Many of its buildings and churches held cultural importance in the past and as a town, the settlement has been relatively untouched by warfare and conflict. This has resulted in Oxford playing host to a range of different architectural styles spanning hundreds of years, all compactly slotted together for easy enjoyment. There are plenty of walking routes you can take to enjoy the city’s range of buildings and styles – simply do a little research and you’re sure to discover the variety of experiences available.

Nottingham – For the Board Game Lover

Nottingham is a rising star in the UK’s tourism industry, slowly but surely establishing itself as a major destination to visit but for now, it still sits just below the surface. In truth, Nottingham is a city which has a little something for everyone, which is why it appeals to travellers so much. There is Sherwood Forest for nature lovers, Robin Hood, the City of Caves and Nottingham Castle for history lovers and much more. Additionally, the layout of the city makes it easy to find accommodation near Nottingham with travel connections to whatever you want to see or.

However, one of the lesser-known appeals of Nottingham is its importance to board game culture. Nottingham is host to the offices of some of the largest tabletop games companies in the world, which has drawn countless board game lovers to the city. This has developed into an array of board game cafes where you can go and enjoy hundreds of games by paying for time at a table. A very unique experience for anyone interested in this field.

Skye – For the Outdoorsy Traveller

Skye – For the Outdoorsy Traveller

Widely recognised as a ‘mini-Scotland’ due to the vast array of attractions and sights it has to enjoy, the Isle of Skye is a truly unique place to visit. For nature lovers, it doesn’t get much better than this rugged Scottish getaway. From beautifully quaint fishing villages to mountainous green countryside and beautifully calm lochs, everywhere you look there is beauty on show.

At only 50 miles long, you might consider the Isle of Sky a day trip but in truth, there are a few days worth of attractions to enjoy here at least. If you’re visiting the UK and heading towards Scotland, it’s definitely worth adding this destination to your itinerary

These three destinations are far from the only choices you could opt for but they are a great start. As with all travel destinations, the UK has a host of different experiences available, it’s just about finding the right ones for you. Be sure to do your research and you’re guaranteed to pick out the perfect attractions for you.