Selecting which jewellery to put on your wedding day can be hard, particularly when a wide variety of options, colours of gems, and styles of items are on the market. You have to be careful enough to opt for a jewelry item that suits your aesthetic taste and seamlessly complements your bridal outfit. Regarding your bridal jewellery, you would want to align your pearl jewelry to your dress and even the wear of the groom and still put on items that are fitting for the festivities. While this seems quite daunting, this article will equip you with tips and tricks to ensure your bridal outfit is adorned with the perfect jewelry.

This content aims to empower you to make the right choice regarding your wedding jewellery while improving the overall experience. Besides, your wedding day ought to be the most exciting event of your life, and every strategy or plan has to be fun and delightful. 

Mastering the Art of Pairing Jewelry with Your Bridal Attire

While styling your bridal dress, you have to factor in the kind of jewellery, its design, and colour. Determining which jewelry items match perfectly and which ones do not complement is a highly essential aspect of bridal outfit planning. 

Putting on different colours

One rule of styling your bridal wear with jewellery is to ensure that the pieces enhance your overall appearance rather than distract. The perfect way of achieving this is with a elegant Hamsa necklace since it adds depth to outfits without overwhelming your colour scheme. You can equally opt for gold as it can “glow-up” your dress, complementing beautifully with whatever colour you choose. 

This does not imply that you can’t put on another kind of jewellery. If they appeal to you or hold significance, their colour shouldn’t be a deterrent. If they have colours such as rose or yellow, it’d be a nice idea to layer them and not excessively use bold colours. 

Complementing your neckline

The neckline style of your wedding dress can impact the appearance of your necklace. Thus, it’s best to find the ones that best match your look. For instance, a lengthy necklace will best complement a deep V neckline, as it will beautifully pair with the outline of your dress.

Likewise, if your neckline is high-round, it will perfectly match a short necklace closely fitting around your neck. It is also ideal for a strapless shirt since your plan won’t be to clutter the neckline area. Thus, appreciate this style, and if there’s no necklace that suits your outfit, be confident and replace the necklace with some lovely pearl stud earrings. 

Match your jewelry to your groom’s outfit.

Wearing jewellery that complements your groom’s outfit is not about wearing identical pieces. You have to opt for pieces that pair well with each other. For instance, if you don your outfit with bold-coloured jewellery pieces, like emeralds or rubies, it’s a good idea for the groom to put on a jewellery piece of similar colour.

Likewise, if you are wearing yellow, rose gold, and white jewellery, your groom also has to put on the same coloured fashion piece, even if it is a ring, bracelet, or earring. Apart from these basic tips, there are no hard and fast rules for harmonizing your wedding jewellery. You have to dress in the most comfortable and beautiful way you can!

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Gold pieces for the wedding party

Another exciting feature of a wedding day is the reception time in the evening, and you plan to look prepared for the party. You should always have a gold piece, particularly if you don’t have time for a fast outfit change. So, when choosing jewellery items for your special day, always keep this in consideration. You have the option of choosing short necklaces, stud earring salong with layering of earrings, and snug bracelets to appear amazing. They are also great for party time. Investing in 14k gold filled jewellery is a great option during weddings.

How to stop your necklace from moving all-day

The plan for every wedding day is for the bride to look beautiful at all times, but since there is plenty of movement at every point in time, your jewellery and outfit can become dishevelled. An annoying situation can be your necklace unsettling around your neck region; at times, the clasp can move to the front and mess up your beautiful look. 

One popular tip for rectifying this, which is trending on social media, is to add some quantity of eyelash glue to hold the clasp tightly at your neck. The glue is skin-friendly and won’t ruin your jewellery. This makes it perfect for securing your necklace.

Caring for your bridal jewelry

Here are some tips on how to care for your bridal jewelry and keep it looking beautiful for years to come:

  • If you put on your jewellery every time, ensure to remove it when engaging in activities where it may get yanked off, hit, or harmed. It is also advisable to remove your bridal jewellery before going to bed. Store it separately from other jewellery if it is fragile or delicate. 
  • Gently clean pearl jewellery items with warm water each time you take them off, especially if you have applied perfume or similar cosmetics. 
  • Be sure to apply your body cream, hand lotion, or perfume before wearing your jewelry. The chemicals from these cosmetic products can negatively impact your pearls and gemstones. 
  • To brighten up your bridal jewelry, clean them with a soft, gentle fabric. 
  • For many jewelry items, proper cleaning can be carried out with a mixture of soap and water. You can use a soft brush for effective cleaning. However, we recommend you not wet the pearls. 


In this article, we explore ways you can style your wedding jewelry to look beautiful and elevate your style