Thrift shopping for gowns can be a great way to find a high-quality, affordable gown. 

Shopping for gowns online can be daunting. There are so many gowns to browse through, and it’s hard not knowing what the quality is like or how they will fit your body type. But with these tips, you should have an easier time thrifting gowns online. We recommend setting a budget before shopping around to avoid overspending when browsing gown websites. We also suggest looking at reviews from other customers who may have purchased the same dress in different sizes if available because this could give you insight into whether others found the size true-to-size or too small/large based on their measurements. If all of this sounds intimidating and you want help enacting these principles, let us know! 

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when thrift shopping for gowns online. When it comes to finding a gown on a budget, thrift shopping is always a great option. However, online thrift shops can be the best way to go when looking for something specific, like a bridesmaid dress or prom gown. Here are some tips for successful thrifting for gowns online:

1. Set a budget and stick to it. When thrifting online, it’s easy to get carried away and spend more than you intended.

If you set a budget ahead of time, you’ll be less likely to overspend. So before you start browsing, set a budget that you’re comfortable with. Make sure to take your budget into account when shopping for gowns online! If you’re looking for designer gowns at amazing bargains, keep an eye out for limited edition gowns! The original retail price will be higher, but there are always lots of steep discounts once it’s released.

2. Do your research. Before buying any gown, be sure to read the reviews and check the sizing charts.

This will help ensure that you’re getting a gown that fits properly and looks great on you. Know your measurements. It’s essential to know your exact measurements when buying a gown online, especially a used gown. This way, you’ll be able to avoid any gowns that don’t fit you.

3. Be patient. Finding gowns that meet your needs and match your budget can take time.

If you don’t see the gown right away, set up an email alert to be notified if a gown matching your criteria is posted on the resale site. Know the site’s return policy. Make sure you know whether the gown can be returned or exchanged before you finalize your purchase. 

4. Accept imperfections. Thrift store gowns often have minor flaws or signs of wear. 

Be sure to scrutinize all gowns to determine whether any imperfections will affect your ability to alter or hem the gown to fit you perfectly. Don’t buy cheap materials and lousy craftsmanship: checking for loose beads and sequins, broken zippers, and missing buttons might not be worth it if it means spending more money than you intended on a dress that doesn’t even work out in the end! Don’t worry about alterations – worry about making sure the gown fits perfectly while still in its original state! A lot of gowns can quickly be taken in by a professional seamstress if it’s necessary but make sure hemming is included with any alteration fees!

5. If there’s a gown that looks great on the model but terrible when you try it on in real life, don’t worry about it! 

Many gowns are stunning in photos but look different in person. Most high street bridal retailers offer an alteration service – they’ll take the dress in so that it fits perfectly, just like what you would have done at a top-end bridal salon! 

6. Stick to the tried and true. If you have gowns that have been passed from bridesmaid to bridesmaid, don’t be afraid to try those gowns again!

Thrift shopping for gowns can be a great way to find gowns that you know will work out well for your wedding. Don’t be afraid to ask for gowns that have been altered – gown prices usually drop even lower after weddings/prom season is over, so retailers typically make room for new gowns coming in by reducing the expenses of old gowns. 

7. Be very clear about any damage or stains you see on a gown before purchasing it online. 

There’s nothing worse than getting a gown home only to find out it has permanent red wine stains all over it- so be specific about where any flaws are located and what they look like in the photos when looking for a gown online, if possible.

8. Know how to safeguard against fraud before making payment arrangements with sellers online.

Be sure to get the gown’s measurements and ask the seller for more photos, if possible. Don’t do it if you’re not comfortable doing business online or sending money through a wire transfer service. Even if you’re not buying the gown online to wear yourself, consider shopping for gowns online if you’re looking for bridesmaid dresses or prom dresses. Gown prices usually drop even lower after weddings/prom season is over, so retailers usually make room for new gowns coming in by reducing the prices of old gowns.

9. Be specific about your intent when posting gowns for resale.

If you found a gown in a thrift store that you plan to alter to fit your body perfectly, tell potential buyers what alterations will be made to achieve the best fit. This will save time and effort on both sides of the transaction. If you’re looking for gowns for bridesmaids or prom, remember that gown prices usually drop even lower after weddings/prom season is over, so retailers typically make room for new dresses coming in by reducing the prices of old gowns. 

10. Keep an open mind about gown prices.

Maybe that cheap gown is just suitable for something completely different from your wedding. Don’t be afraid to ask about discounts if there is one – remember everyone still works full-time jobs outside of work hours, so they’re trying to make a sale just as much as you are! 

11. Don’t forget to have fun! Bridesmaid dresses and gowns can be an excellent place to start gown shopping. 

They always have new gowns daily and resale gowns on sale and some online shops always cheap like Ombreprom! Get creative with accessories! A simple veil can add elegance and glamour to any gown, and many other accessories (like belts, boleros, sashes, jewelry) can do the same. 

12. Ask friends if they have any connections with people who work in the bridal industry.

Chances are, at least one of your friends will know someone who can help you get a gown at a fantastic price or even for free! 


The gown is the essential piece of clothing that any bride will ever purchase. It’s also one of the most significant investments she’ll make for her wedding day, second only to the venue and catering costs. The gown is a garment that women have worn for centuries for formal occasions. It can be simple or elaborately styled, and it may have a fitted bodice with sleeves, a full skirt of fabric puffs, or both. The gown is typically made from luxurious silk, satin, or velvet. These gowns are often designed to closely fit the wearer’s form while providing an elegant look due to their quality fabrics and lining materials.

Considering gowns are so expensive, it’s no wonder why thrifting gowns online have become such a popular alternative to buying new clothes! We’ve put together this list of 12 things every consumer should know before they start shopping for their gown. From budgeting tips to how much you can expect to spend on alterations, we hope these guidelines help you find your perfect dress at an affordable price point without compromising quality.