Sometimes we like to look taller that complements our overall appearance just as we love to wear makeup that enhances our features. But it surely has nothing to do with what you really are and it shall not hinder your confidence in any way. Well, otherwise you can easily add few inches with your high heels. Other than that if you wanna create a faux image of yourself looking taller than these clever tricks and tips of fashion is what you can rely on.

1. Embrace flared jeans

Try skin fit jeans with a nice flare at the bottom. Also, make sure your jeans are high waisted. It creates optical illusion of thin and longer legs. Pair up your flares with a waist-length top or a shirt that you can tuck in and a low cut heels.

2. Downsize your hand bag!

Ditch those oversize bags and go for the one that is proportionate to your frame. Yeah, finding a smaller bag is a smart move. Get clutches that are not very much broad and are straight lined.

3. Go Maxi

If you also thought that Maxis aren’t for you then it’s time to rethink. In fact, a long floor grazing skirt will create a slimmer and taller look with a long vertical line. Add up a crop top and wedges or high heels.

4. Pull your hair up and rock a top knot!

That’s right! A top knot easily adds the extra inches to give a taller impression. And you should definitely go with it as it is totes cool and a care free hairstyle.

5. Wear V-necks

Now for longer, leaner torso, try a V-neck top. And by V- neck, we mean a slight deep V.

6. Go short!

Either go super long or short. It definitely works to make you look taller as it gives illusion of longer legs. And it’s best when you go all same-same color for your top and mini skirt!

7. Wear vertical stripes

Vertical stripes, you may have known about it. But this trick has to be in the list as it makes you look longer as well as slimmer.

Don’t Never go for horizontal stripes, it will give you a shorter appearance.

8. Find nude pumps in your skin tone

Always have a pair of nude pumps matching to your skin tone to give the illusion of mile-long legs. Prefer the low cut heels i.e the one that cuts across your foot at the front.

This video on how to look taller by Miss Louie, gives all the insights on the fashion and styling tips above.

Now you know all the fashion hacks that you need to look taller and slimmer but do you have this kind of collection in your closet? Some of you might have in abundance while some of you might figuring out if you have it all or not. Anyways, even if you don’t have it you can buy your clothes without spending much. You can just grab fashion coupons, search for sales and save enough. Get your wardrobe updated and let us know how did you like these in the comment section below.