Vacations are around and its time to get set and go to the beach. Well, you need to prep your skin and hair up before you step out in the sun. And doing your hair right will save it from tangles and adds up to the look. At the same time, beach hairstyles look perfect when they are messy.

As you consider on what to bring to the beach during your vacation, taking a moment to consider the right hairstyle is very necessary. Your essentials are as equally important as your hairdo and these should be packed as early as possible during your preparation period.

One of the main mistakes that many people make is to wait until the last minute to pack or even get their hair done. Taking this route will mean that some of the essentials will be forgotten which would result to either spending more or spending your vacation in frustration. As you pack your beach bag essentials, remember to also work with a list of the things you need just to be fully prepared.

Whether you are going to an island or just to a lounge at the best beaches, we have all the cool beach hairstyles that you would love to try.

So, here are super chic beach hairstyles to wear this summer and level up your coolness quotient. Most of them are easy to do if you are good at making braids ;p

1. Half done waterfall Braid

The reverse waterfall braid in an open hair will look great on any sunny day. Yes, you need bit of hairstyling skills to try this out.

Waterfall braid with open hair


2. Carefree top knot hairstyle

And if you want to try out an easy yet equally cool hairstyle then go for the knot over the top.

Cool carefree top knot hairstyle


3. Beach hairstyle with a touch of french braid

Instead of proper french braid try french braid like this one!

Cool messy beach hairstyle with a touch of french braid


4. Half updo with dutch braid hairstyle

If you are confused to keep your locks open or tie a braid then this one is for you.

Half updo with messy dutch braid hairstyle


5. Hassle free pony with side braids

This is totally a different yet gorgeous hairstyle to give you a unique look. Also, the paired sunglasses will complement the look.

Hassle free pony with side braids


6. Heart shaped half updo

If you are one of those free spirits who love being who they are and enjoy being carefree then this cute “heartstyle” will add up to your personality.

Heart shaped half updo


7. Reverse fishtail braid and pony

Here is one more beach hairstyle in pony that you can give a try!

Reverse fishtail braid and pony beach hairstyles


8. Sexy loose french braid hairstyle

This is quiet a sexy messy mermaid style, isn’t it?

Sexy loose french braid hairstyle beach hairstyles


9. Braid it in style!

Braid, Bun and Done.

Braid it in style! beach hairstyles


10. Side braids with a loose bun

Another hairstyle with braid and bun.

Side braids with a loose bun beach hairstyles


This summer, try out these different beach hairstyles every time you visit a beach and be ready to turn heads!