You have to agree with me when I say that the one thing which can makeover our whole image is our hairstyle. There are many kinds of hairstyles that do wonders when adopted considering the shape of the face and quality of hair like undercut hairstyles, buns, pony tails, bob cuts and especially the braids hairstyles. And fishtail braid hairstyles are my personal favorite.

The best thing about any braids is you don’t have to bother about those hair which are falling over your face all the time. Although many, like me, love fishtail braid hairstyles, but they find it tad bit difficult to create. But it isn’t that tricky. In fact, once you get hold on creating the braid, you can easily take fishtail braid hairstyles to the next level and create unique and gorgeous hairstyles. You can combine different braids like French braid, Dutch braid or inverted braid with fishtail braid to create a whole new look.


With all those gorgeous faces showing up their fishtail braid hairstyle, we have also added some fantastic tutorial of braid hairstyles which are quite sassy and easy as well. The last one is a quick trick that can save your time and create an effect of voluminous fishtail braid.

1. Dutch turned fishtail braid hairstyle

dutch turned fishtail braid hairstyles

This step by step video tutorial by Amber Fillerup is all you need to create this sexy hairstyle and look stunning.


 2. Pouf and fishtail

puff and fishtail


A messy pouf and fishtail braid is cool for shopping or a casual day out. If you are trying your hands at this braiding technique for the first time, then here’s a quick trick for you. Make a low pony and tie a band. Now, take a strand from your pony and wrap it around the elastic band securing with bobby pin at the end. Now, start braiding!

3. Double fishtail

double fishtail braid

At first, you’ll definitely think that only a pro can create this super chic hairstyle. But after watching the below video, you will learn that it’s not as difficult as it looks. Give it a try and be ready to flaunt!


4. Inverted fishtail braid pony

inverted fishtail braid pony


Try this loose inverted braid on the deep side partition and then make a pony. You can also secure your braid with bobby pins and let your hair open. This style is sure to make your friends wonder, how you did it!


5. Inverted fishtail braid

inverted fishtail braid


For this braid pull all your hair together at one side after doing inverted braid up to ears (hairstyle no. 5) and continue the fishtail braid till the end. Now, pull it apart as much as you want for the messy inverted fishtail braid.

6. Boho braid

boho braid

Take your inverted fishtail braid to another level with waterfall braid style. This classic combination requires some efforts but that’s really worth it. Click here for the complete tutorial by Missy Sue.

7. French braid with fishtail

french braid with fishtail


A romantic loose Side French braid + Fishtail braid is definitely a never go wrong hairstyle for special occasions. Just beautiful, ain’t it?

8. Two side french fishtail braid

Two side french fishtail braid


Two side french braid with inverted fishtail, perfect hairstyle for stylish girls!

9. French fishtail braid

French fishtail braid


Bored of the usual french braid? Try this hairstyle with a twist and create fishtail braid with french braid style!

10. Side french fishtail braid

Side French Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Now, how about doing the french fishtail sideways? Try it out with Amber Fillerup!


 11. Faux fishtail braid hairstyle


You can fake a fishtail braid with this video tutorial. We bet no one can say it is not!


If you like the tutorials and ideas then let us know. We will also love to know your favorite braid  hairstyle amongst these.