People often start smoking to deal with anxiety and stress. But that one pack of cigarettes turns into an unlimited number of packs with no end until one day you decide that enough is enough. Tobacco is doing more harm than good to your body. Your mind might be at rest for a couple of minutes, but your lungs are never at rest. 

They are constantly being packed with chemicals that are destroying them inside and out, making them prone to developing lung cancer. But that is not where it ends. Along with your lungs, your heart, your brain, your entire respiratory system, and even your reproductive system are significantly impacted by every cigarette that you smoke.

Smokers often have no idea what they are doing, which is what makes it hard for them to stop. But there is always an end to things. So what happens when you quit smoking? Do your lungs go back to being healthy? We wish, but that is not the case. There are specialized lung cleaning treatments for smokers that help improve their lungs after they are done smoking for good.

Not everyone can afford rehab and expensive treatment plans, so today, in this article, we are going to talk about what happens to your lungs when you smoke so you can understand how to clean lungs after quitting smoking naturally. So without further due, let us jump right into the details.

What happens to your Lungs When you Smoke?

First things, first! Before we move on to the cleaning process, you first need to understand what actually happens to your lungs when you light a cigarette and inhale the smoke directly into your lungs. You see, when you inhale the smoke, it goes down your trachea, which is split into two bronchi (airways) leading to your left and right lung.

The bronchi are further subdivided into branch-like structures called the bronchioles with flower-like sacs called the alveoli. Now what happens is that when you inhale the smoke, it contains 600 different compounds, which lead to thousands of chemical reactions, giving birth to cancerous chemicals, which land directly in your airways, causing blockage bit by bit. Here is how different areas of your body are affected;

  1. Respiratory system – due to the high population of chemical compounds in the lungs, they can inflate and become congested, making it harder for you to breathe.
  2. Heart – Since your heart pumps blood to the lungs to get it oxygenated, so due to lack of oxygen in the lungs, the heart has to pump blood faster and with more force to get it circulated to the rest of the body.
  3. Brain – The tobacco and nicotine in cigarettes can affect certain areas of your brain, making it hard for you to concentrate. Furthermore, it can also make you tired and lazy. 
  4. Respiratory System –  It seems like there might not be any connection between the two, but studies suggest that smoking can lead to infertility and can also decrease your sexual drive. 

Natural Ways to Clean your Lungs

Now that you understand how the smoke affects your entire body, you might need to work on cleaning your lungs as soon as you are done with smoking your last cigarette. So let us go ahead and look at how to clean lungs from tar naturally. 

1. Coughing

You might be surprised to find out, but coughing is a natural way for your body to clean your lungs. According to research, coughing can help you open your closed airways by getting rid of the mucus stuck in there and supplying more oxygen to the affected area. 

2. Exercise

The natural way for the body to heal is to get as much oxygen as possible. Joining an exercise program, especially the one in fresh air can help improve your lung health. Exchanging oxygen frequently can help you reopen those airways and sacs and get them back to their healthy state. 

3. Avoid pollutants

Since you are trying to improve your lung health, you should avoid all kinds of pollutants. Move to a cleaner and greener area if possible. Avoid hanging out with your smoker buddies or going to polluted areas. For extra measures, you can check the air quality every day to be sure if it would be safe for you to travel.

4. Warm Fluids 

You might have noticed that you get offered soup whenever you are sick. Well, that is because your mucus isn’t tooSlick. It is actually hard like bubble gum stuck to your air sacks. Warm fluids help in the thinning of mucus, which helps you get cleaner airways faster.

Final Words

In the past, you might have tried smoking regular cigarettes, weed smokes, and other types of cigarettes to help you fight your problem. But you know nothing is worth giving up your life. Once you are clean, you will never have to worry about getting caught by the police, keeping the hair follicle drug test timeline in mind for your work related drug tests like those from Health Street or even ending up with lung cancer.

 There might be times when you will want to go back to your old habits, but fighting yourself is the hardest. Your lungs are more important than anything! So focus on cleaning them and leave everything aside. Your family and friends need you so stay in their life longer and don’t damage your life expectancy with smoking.