Preparing for your wedding day is an exciting process with crucial decisions. Among these decisions, securing the ideal wedding limousine is key to elevating your experience from ‘memorable’ to ‘unforgettable’.

A wedding limousine is a fantastic way to arrive at your wedding venue in comfort and style. If you can rent one for your special day, grab the chance. This guide will steer you through this important aspect of wedding planning.

Plan Your Limousine Rental Early

Efficient wedding planning requires focus, precision, and timing. Early limousine hire in Perth is as crucial as securing the venue or finding the bridal gown. Why, you ask? Booking in advance helps you avoid a last-minute rush and get the best deals. In the early stages of planning, you have a broader choice of luxury wedding cars, allowing you to select the one that truly fits your dream.

Planning your wedding limousine rental well ahead also opens up room for negotiation on pricing. When companies are available, they’re often more inclined to work around your budget, offering packages that won’t squeeze your wallet. Also, when you book your rental early, that’s one task to tick off your wedding plans.

Consider your wedding party’s size at this stage, too. Choosing a limousine that comfortably accommodates your bridal party without sacrificing the luxury feel is crucial. Once you have your final head count, it’s time to look for a company offering a ride that can fit everyone. To get you started, check out this video for an idea of a limousine that seats a whopping 24 people: 

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Limousine Company

Picking the right limousine company can greatly impact how you enjoy your wedding day. Start with a thorough evaluation of their reputation. Check out online reviews, testimonials, and customer ratings. Are past customers happy with the service? Does the company respond positively to feedback? If you have doubts about a rental company’s reputation, feel free to find another. Your confidence in the service provider matters.

You should place paramount importance on the quality of vehicles. A top-notch limousine company has a range of high-quality cars that are also well-maintained and spotless. It’s important to check the limousines yourself to see if they’re well-kept. Their drivers must also be licensed and well-trained. It’s equally important that they value time, safety and their passengers’ comfort.

The level of customer service also directly affects your experience. Ensure the company’s team is professional, responsive and values your unique needs. Your wedding day transportation should be seamless, and the company must be prepared to go above and beyond.

Different Types Of Limousines

Not every bride has the same tastes in vehicles. So, you’re lucky if you prefer a smaller or bigger car because wedding limousines come in many shapes and sizes. You’ll find one perfect for the trip to the venue and beautiful enough to match those heartwarming wedding Instagram captions

The wedding limousine should reflect your wedding style, theme and preferences. Here’s a list of the common ones you can consider:

  • Sedans. These cars offer understated luxury for couples opting for a small, refined wedding. They’re sleek, comfortable and provide just the right amount of elegance. They typically seat 4-6 passengers and are good options for couples needing only a little space.
  • Stretch Limousines. If you’re leaning towards a timeless, classic wedding, stretch limousines are the way to go. They ooze glamour and sophistication with their extended length (a 10-14 seating capacity) and plush interiors. Some variants also have features like bars, televisions, and mood lighting.
  • SUVs. For larger wedding parties or couples wanting to make a bold statement, SUV limousines are ideal. These vehicles offer spacious interiors, often equipped with mini-bars, entertainment systems, and luxurious seating. An SUV limousine can usually seat up to 20-25 passengers, ensuring a comfortable ride for your extended wedding party.
  • Party Buses. On the other hand, party buses inject a dose of fun right from the get-go. They offer the most space and can be decked out with lights, music and a dance floor, turning your journey into a mobile celebration. Party buses are perfect if you and your partner’s families prefer to go to the wedding venue together.

Your choice will boil down to the number of people you’re including in the limo ride, as well as your budget. Communicate with the limousine rental company to get the best vehicle with the desired features for the right price.

How To Negotiate A Good Price For A Limousine Rental

Wedding limousine rental prices in Australia can be a mixed bag, varying according to your requirements. Negotiating can save you considerable money without skimping on the experience. This is a crucial step for couples aiming for a low-budget wedding.

Begin by researching average costs for different types of vehicles and packages. This knowledge will provide a solid ground for negotiation. Contemplate what you can adjust – perhaps a shorter booking duration or selecting an off-peak wedding date could trim the cost without affecting your grand entrance.

Discussing your budget openly with your limo service isn’t just smart—it’s essential. You’ll be surprised at how flexible they can be. Their expertise could help mould a package that fits your dreams and wallet.

Get Everything In Writing

Before giving everyone, including yourself, the go-ahead, it’s critical to get every detail of the deal in writing. Ask for a detailed contract that clearly states all the parts of your agreement – the vehicle type, rental duration, price, special requests, cancellation policy and any additional fees. This clear contract protects you, helping to avoid any possible misunderstandings.

Don’t shy away from seeking clarity if any contract point appears vague. Ensure it includes specifics such as the chauffeur’s attire, pick-up and drop-off timings, and any additional amenities in your package. Once you’re confident that the contract encapsulates your arrangements accurately, go ahead and sign it.

Lastly, reviewing the contract close to your wedding day can serve as a helpful reminder and allows for any necessary adjustments. This might seem like extra legwork, but it’s a valuable step towards guaranteeing a smooth, hassle-free experience.


Choosing the perfect wedding limousine needn’t be an uphill battle. With the right blend of early planning, careful selection, and wise negotiation, you’ll secure that wedding ride that’ll complete the festivities.

Equipped with these insights, it’s time to bring your wedding plans to life! As the big day approaches, remember: this journey is as memorable as the destination. So, relish each moment and make the most of it. After all, the anticipation of your wedding is half the fun. The next chapter of your life awaits!