When you live in a place where it is extremely hot and humid or you’re just visiting such a place, you don’t want to have your makeup melt off. Of course, there is an option just not to wear makeup, but not all people want to do that. Some people like to wear makeup, for whatever reason they have and that is completely okay. For those people who like to wear makeup no matter how hot and humid it is here is how to hot weather-proof your makeup.

Primer is Your Best Friend 

As its name says primes are used to prime your face from other makeup, it acts as a grip for the makeup that you will put on next. But using a primer won’t solve all of your problems, but it will make your makeup less likely to melt off. Primers are mainly made for humid weather, it will make your foundation not only stay on your face all day long, but it will look more fresh and dewy. In order for it to work like it is intended to, you will want to apply it to your T-zone, your cheeks and the side of your nose. If you use too much primer you can make your skin look unnaturally matte and dull-looking, and that is not something that you want to have. Another thing that you should try to do, is to avoid silicon-based primers. That is because it will dry out your skin, therefore it will produce more oil and you will have too many problems instead of one. During hot summers it is better to go for primers that are hydrating and water-based. 

Always Choose Liquid over Cream Products

Gel and liquid makeup products will hold up better in humid and hot weather. If you want to put on a full-coverage foundation opt for a liquid one instead of a cream or powder foundation. Start by dabbing a thin layer on the blemishes, T-zone, or wherever you want the most coverage and build it up from there. Using liquid products is better because creams have less stable formulations. Liquid, gel, and powder products hold up better when you are sweating. Another thing that you should avoid is glitter and shimmer because that will make you look oilier when you are already sweating. You want to have flawless glowing skin, not cakey and dull.

Layer on Your Sunscreen 

Along with keeping your skin hydrated, you need to wear sunscreen every single day, even when there is no sun outside. The best way to do so is to layer sunscreen under your foundation, that way your face will not only be protected from getting sunburned but it will keep your face makeup from melting. 

In the Summer Less Makeup is more

When you have layers and layers of makeup on your skin they will melt in the heat, which is not something that you want to happen when you are out. Therefore you want to put less makeup on your face, so skip all the unnecessary products and heavy-handed applications. Pick lightweight makeup and apply it with a wet beauty blender so you prevent it from getting cakey.

Use a “Sticky” Concealer 

If you have problematic skin and you don’t feel comfortable leaving your home without any concealer that is completely ok. But instead of picking a concealer that has a creamy consistency go for ones that have more tacky consciences. That is better because sticky concealers are more pigmented and they will stay on your face longer. 

Blot Instead of Powder Away Shine

When you are trying to mattify your face instead of going in with a powder blot it with blotting papers instead. That is because if you continue to apply powder to your face you will end up looking cakey instead of less shiny. Blotting papers are better because they won’t smudge or take off your makeup; it will only absorb the excess oils. 

Build up Your Eyeshadow and Eyeliner 

In the summer you might find it quite hard to make your eyeshadow stay on your eyes the whole day. After you have put on your eyeshadow primer you will want to put the double amount of eyeshadow on your eyes. That way you will not only intensify the color of it. But that way it will not all melt off in the first hour of you being outside. When it comes to eyeliner it is best to use a gel eyeliner and secure it with a powder eyeshadow. If you want to go a step further you can add elegant fake eyelashes to complete your look. 

Apply your Powder at the Last Second

Applying powder will set your makeup, especially in summer, but if you apply it when your base is still wet you can make it look cakey. Blend the foundation in your skins and remove all the excess with your fingers. Let that sit on your face, get completely ready, and then before you leave the house to apply the powder in your T-zone. 

Go for Matte or Sheer Lip Colours 

Even if you have glossy shiny lips, it is better to stray away from them when it’s humid and warm. That is because in most cases your skin will be a bit shiny from the warmth and humidity so having a glossy shyly lip will make you seem sweatier. It’s better to opt for a mat lip or a sheer balm. 

Don’t Forget to Mist Your Face

The best way to survive the scorching hot summers is to mist your face. By misting your face you will not only rehydrate your skin but you will be able to fill in any areas that have melted off. You can also purchase makeup-setting sprays so your makeup won’t move even if you sweat a lot. But those sprays are meant to last up to 16 hours and for people who swear a lot of makeup so it stays sealed in place. 

The only important thing is that you feel comfortable in your skin no matter how much or how little makeup you are putting on your face. Do what feels best for you and your skin.