When it comes to eyelashes, the beauty industry has created a myriad of trends like hot curlers, “miracle” growth serums, and magnifying mascaras. That’s because many women want long, thick, and full eyelashes, and not everyone is born with it.

But aside from those innovative items, another great solution is getting eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are becoming a craze due to the numerous benefits that come with them.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Before we enumerate the wonders of eyelash extensions, let’s dive into what they are. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes hand-glued above your natural ones. These extensions are individually glued to your natural eyelashes, making them fuller and more realistic-looking.

8 Reasons Why You Need Lash Extensions

1. Boosts Your Self-Confidence

One of the many wonders eyelash extensions can do is boost your self-confidence. The voluminous, long, and thick lashes give your eyes a more youthful, appealing appearance, making you look better, healthier, and happier on any day.

Eyelash extensions also bring many positive personality changes that your friends will notice. Plus, your self-esteem grows as soon as you start feeling better about yourself and your appearance.

2. Save Loads of Time in Makeup

No more hurrying to put on your makeup in the morning but still being late to work. Eyelash extensions will help you spend less time in front of the mirror and more time doing other things, as these extensions eliminate the need for eye makeup and lash curling. Additionally, you don’t need to bother removing your eyelash extensions at the end of the day.

3. 100% Safe For Your Eyelashes

In contrast to other cosmetic procedures, applying eyelash extensions is non-invasive. Additionally, wearing them has no negative effects on your natural lashes. Experts like plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and estheticians agree that eyelash extensions are safe if you get them from a reputable studio or lash technician.

4. Highly Customizable

Do you want a dramatic look? Or do you want something more natural? Eyelash extensions are highly flexible to whatever style you want. Plus, most eyelash extensions are made of faux mink, silk, mink, or synthetic fibers. silk, synthetic, mink, or faux-mink fibers. However, the specific material utilized varies depending on the lash studio or tech’s preference.

Moreover, most lash studios and technicians have an array of eyelash extensions in different curl patterns, colors, and lengths to suit the look you want to achieve. A lash technician will assist you in choosing the options that are perfect for you during your consultation.

5. You Can Save Money

Say goodbye to tons of bottles of mascara! No need to put on mascara to make your lashes pop when you have eyelash extensions on. And thanks to the extensions, you can now buy that top you’ve always wanted.

6. They Can Last Very Long

Eyelash extensions can last six to eight weeks. But the good thing about eyelash extensions is you can have your lash technician fill in the gaps.

On the other hand, the best lash extension supplies in Australia are your best option if you want to learn how to do your own lashes.

7. Virtually Weightless and Waterproof

After several hours of wearing glue-on false eyelashes, they become uncomfortable due to their weight. Wearing mascara has a similar effect as incorrectly applying mascara might make your eyes itch and feel heavy. On the other hand, eyelash extensions are practically weightless. 

You can still shower or swim with your extensions in, but you mustn’t get your eyelash extensions wet after 28 hours of applying them.

8. Eyelash Extension Application isn’t Painful

The entire process of applying eyelash extensions is completely pain-free. Basically, a lash technician will use medical-grade adhesive to put every eyelash extension strand to your natural lashes. The procedure can take a few hours, but rest assured that you’d be smiling from ear to ear after. Lash technicians are expected to be skilled so that no trace of glue could get on your skin.

Eyelash Extensions FAQs:

Can I wash my face or take a bath with eyelash extensions on?

Some say that washing your face or taking a bath can cause your eyelash extensions to fall. But that is just a myth. In fact, washing your face can eliminate the buildup (if there is any) around your extensions.

Additionally, using cleansers created especially for eyelash extensions would be best. The ingredients used in other cleansers make the adhesive weaker. Another great tip is to use oil-free pads and gently swipe downward to clean your lids and lashes. Also, refrain from rubbing your eyes when you clean your eyelash extensions.

Can you use mascara on eyelash extensions?

It would be best if you don’t use mascara with lash extensions. Some of you might get worked up by this notion, but it has a very simple reason behind it. When you try to take the mascara off, the friction and makeup remover will cause the eyelash extension adhesive to break.

Additionally, because of its consistency, mascara might make it difficult to clean your lashes. Mascara can clump up and make your eyelash extensions stick together. Moreover, cream-based eyeliners are also prohibited since they frequently have waxes and oils that interfere with adhesives.

Should I brush my eyelash extensions?

Definitely! You must brush your eyelash extensions as they can get clogged up when you sleep. Use the tip of the spoolie to brush your lashes to avoid pulling any out.

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth Your Time and Money?

There’s a saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If that’s true, then our eyelashes are the curtains. An amazing pair of curtains elevates your makeup and is a time-saver!

Getting eyelash extension can have a lot of benefits. The only side effect is you will not get enough of them! But remember to have them administered by a certified esthetician so you can have beautiful eyelashes 24/7.