For some, ear piercing is a way to up their coolness quotient whereas for others it is chic and classy! Many celebs love it too and find these adornments unique which makes it more fashionable. Nonetheless, it is popular from centuries owing to more reasons than just being fancy. It has transformed in the form of an art. Also, this art has its benefits which will give you another reason to get it done.

In Asian countries, it is a custom to pierce the lobe of the ear. It is believed to have some great health benefits. Piercing the ear helps in growth of the brain, improves eye sight, keeps digestive system in check, prevents anxiety and also helps regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle. Isn’t it awesome!

Well, if you are thinking of ear piercing then you have myriad options. It doesn’t matter, whether you are a fan of minimalist or multiple ear piercing. You can try normal lobes to helix to industrial piercing to conch to rook or just all of them.

ideas for ear piercing

There are endless possibilities with the combination of ear piercing that you can try.

Here is an amazing collection of ear piercing from funky to bold and classy for your inspiration!


Try unique earrings for multiple piercing


beautiful ear piercing ideas


Classy earrings for multiple piercing



Classy helix rings and a threaded bullet



cool multiple ear piercing ideas


delicate leaf for helix


Double piercing


double ear piercing


ear piercing inspiration


Elegant earrings for helix


Multiple ear piercing with gold


Multiple piercing on outer side



Only outer side piercing



Piercing through rook and forward helix



pretty piercing ideas


Simple and cute earrings



simple yet chic piercing ideas


Studded with diamonds


Totally chic ear piercing


Trendy industrial


Triple piercing


triple stud


unique ear piercing ideas


Unique ear rings

Don’t give another thought. Go for it. The pain is totally worth it.

Also, let us know which one you loved the most for your piercing in the comment section.