Squats help to tone your lower body, but sometimes this exercises can get boring. So, with a twist try this super cool Squat with kickback and get toned legs and sexy butt!


With a basic Squat you’re just going to kick your leg back focusing on squeezing and tightening your butt. So, add that little push of your leg back, squeezing that butt, to that squat.

First, squat again. The feet are a little wider than shoulder width apart. You squat down. Push those hips all the way back. You stand it up, and as you stand up you’re going to transfer your weight to one leg so that you can use the other leg to kick back.

So, all together, it’ll be a squat, transfer that weight, kick back. Squat, kick back. You can focus on one side first. You can target the right side and then go on to the left side to burn out the muscle. Or, you can alternate. You can do your right, then squat, left, right, and then left. Or, again, if you wanted to burn out the left glute and then the right glute you can do ten on each side just targeting that right glute right here, and then ten on the other side.

But pretty much focusing on when you do your kick back. You squat down, shift that weight a little bit into that other leg, and then you want to make sure that as you push the leg back, keep your toes pointed, squeeze your butt really tight as you press that leg all the way back. Then come back down and do your squat. So, again, it’s a continuous flow. You’re not squatting then stopping. It’s a continuous squat, kick back.