The ongoing pandemic has affected everything that we do, causing many people to completely ditch their training and replace it with binge-watching their favorite shows while stress-eating their way through quarantine. Alas, that is no way to beat stress, or to stay fit. You can actually benefit so much from investing in fitness during quarantine by carefully tailoring your routine. Home workouts might not be the ideal choice for everyone, but there are so many ways to maximize the effects of your home training sessions.

Instead of aiming for overly complicated solutions that will only demotivate you, you can rely on the following simple and effective hacks to master the art of working out at home and making the most of your active time. From proper nutrition, supplementation, to altering your exercise selection, there are a few solutions to help you stay fit during this difficult period!

Get your Groove on in the Morning

Get your Groove on in the Morning

If you have all kinds of chores throughout the day, chances are that by the time you’re done, you won’t have any energy left for training. That is why scheduling your workouts first thing in the morning helps. You’ll get that one responsibility out of your way, but you’ll also be better prepared for the rest of your to-do list. It might be difficult to adjust at first, but it pays off in the end.

Refine your daily menu

Refine Your Daily Menu

Your home workouts will be much more effective if you take a closer look at your diet plan. Do you, for example, tend to overeat before you train, so you feel sluggish and lazy? Or do you train without hydrating properly so you end up with a headache or cramps? 

Your body needs balanced meals and ample water every day for your training to be effective and for you to keep up with your fitness goals. Make sure you eat healthy carbs, lean protein sources, and healthy fats, and balance them according to your needs.

Protein Up Your Diet

Protein is the building block of life, but it’s also a potent, very filling nutrient that we often have a hard time consuming enough of during the day. Whether it comes from plants, dairy, or meat, many people struggle with eating enough protein daily to sustain their fitness goals and energy levels. Instead of piling more food your plate, you can make delicious protein shakes with the best whey protein in the USA that will complete your nutrition plan.

Protein powder comes in all kinds of flavors, so it’s easy to keep your shakes interesting and nutrient-dense. These are a great option for all fitness goals, and especially for people wanting to build lean muscle or lose fat. Consuming enough protein helps you stay full for longer and fuels your body with the right kind of energy for hours on end.

Plan your Workouts ahead of Time

Most of the time, planning will help you prevent procrastination, but it will also give you a sense of direction and help you define your goals. Use YouTube or other streaming platforms for finding the most optimal workout routines you enjoy. Decide what kind of training you want for each day of the week that you choose to work out, and schedule your sessions accordingly.

Pro tip: start keeping track of your progress. It will help you see what kind of workouts suit you the most and have given you the best results, and as you see how you progress with muscle-building, shedding fat, or toning your body, you’ll be even more motivated to keep at it. 

Invest in the Right Gear and Wearables

They say that you should dress for success, which we typically interpret strictly in a professional sense. Why not do the same for your athletic performance, too? After all, if you dress like an athlete, you’ll slowly reframe your mindset to think more like an athlete, and you can end up with more motivation when it’s difficult to push through those repetitive squat sessions. 

A quality pair of tights, ankle-supporting sneakers, and a few resistance bands can do the trick. If you like more resistance, you can go for a kettlebell or dumbbells, too, and turn your little exercise corner into a proper home gym. Whatever helps you get in the right mindset, use it, and you’ll get inspiration whenever you need it most.
It takes time for your fitness results to show and for your mirror reflection to truly meet your expectations. Investing in the right tools and habits will get you there sooner and let you enjoy the process, as well. These are some of the simplest hacks in the fitness book, and they’ll enable you to train harder, stay motivated, and feed your body properly whenever you need to stay home and be active.