What better way to celebrate a new little person coming to this Earth as well as a new mom, than throwing them a baby shower. This tradition of celebration helps families get all the things they’ll need for a new baby because let’s be real… babies are expensive, and the more help they can get, the easier their life will be once the bundle of joy has arrived. Baby showers are really that “last hoorah” for the soon-to-be mom and dad (if it’s a co-ed shower).

Baby showers have been happening since the beginning of time. In fact,babiesonline.com says it dates back as far as ancient Egyptian times and has evolved over the years. One thing that has also evolved with baby showers is the etiquette associated with it.

If you’re hosting a shower for someone or will be attending one, be sure you brush up on the protocol for baby showers, whether you’re hosting it or attending it.


Don’t Show Up Empty-Handed

The word “shower” is part of the term “baby shower,” meaning you are to shower the expecting mother with gifts for the baby. Because of that, you should always come with a gift, even if it’s a card but ideally, you want to get the mother gifts that will be beneficial to her raising the baby; gifts that are just for her are nice too, especially gifts that make her pregnancy easier.

For most baby showers, the expectant mothers have gift registries at different stores. This allows her to know what she will have and what she will need to buy. As a guest, you have to understand that families create their registry list so they won’t have repeated gifts and they really appreciate when their guests stick to their registry. There’s nothing worse, and more time-consuming than having to return two of the same baby strollers.

A common gift idea that is put in the registry is a baby bottle. This is one of the first essentials parents need for their newborns. In order to make your gift more creative and special, you can go for a whole tableware set, which will contain not only bottles but also stay-put baby feeding bowls and plates, training cups, and spoons. These sets often have sippy cups for babies, which will help them to transition from bottles into regular cups. The essential thing here is to consider not only the color and the design of the set, but also the materials from which it is made.

A popular gift that mothers-to-be tend to love are those adorable diaper cakes. If the expecting mother is having a little girl, you can get her a butterfly themed diaper cake covered in pink bows. If she’s having a little boy, you can get A mother can’t have too many diapers!

The other popular gift at baby showers is clothes of course. Now, this is a gift where you have to keep in mind who you’re shopping for. For babies, you want to pick out clothes that are comfortable and soft all while keeping in mind that it will get dirty easy, so choose clothes that hides stains well too.

Leave the Men at Home

Traditionally speaking, babies showers have been more geared towards the mother-to-be but times have changed and men are enjoying baby showers just as much as the expecting mothers. But, everyone hasn’t fully embraced the co-ed showers so, be sure to leave your husband or significant other at home unless the host or mother-to-be says it’s okay to bring him.


Keep in Mind Who the Shower is For

As a host, you’ve been entrusted by the expecting mother to host one of the most important moments in her life, so it’s very important to not lose focus of who the shower is for. It’s really easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all but remember everyone is there to celebrate her motherhood and the baby, of course.

You want to be sure to serve foods that she can eat, so nothing like sushi, alcohol, and processed meats… try to stick to foods that she will enjoy as well.

Play Games Centered Around Baby and Mommy

Some people will host baby showers and miss the mark just by a little bit when thinking of games and ice breakers. Some people like to have everyone play bingo, and bingo can be a fun game for some, but it can be a little boring for others.

Your goal as the host is to keep the mood and atmosphere fun for the guests and especially the mommy-to-be. Games like “Because I said so” and “Don’t say the word ___” are always fun games to get a baby shower started.

Just to Keep in Mind…

If you’ve ever been to a baby shower or hosted one, then you’ve probably seen some things that could have been done better or handled better. The above tips are just a few suggestions but there is so much more to it than just those few things. When planning or attending a baby shower, put yourself in the mother’s shoes and act accordingly.