Have you been thinking about investing in a holiday home? It is a great investment, not just because you can easily and spontaneously take a vacation to switch up. The real estate piece can be an income-generating venture, too. When you are not around, you can rent it out, and when you need a change of scenery or take a vacation to deal with work burnout or reconnect with family and friends, save money. Holiday homes in Kenya offer many benefits, but that’s subject to the property you buy.

It would be best to consider a few factors to ensure you buy a dream vacation house in Kenya without putting yourself under financial strain. Search on this link; you’ll learn more about the available properties, price ranges, and features, among other details, providing the needed inspiration as you start your holiday house hunt. Here are among the things to consider when buying a holiday house in Kenya.


Are you taking a mortgage, or have you saved up enough to buy the house? The financial implication of investing in a holiday home can’t be overlooked. If you are stretched too thin, you might not enjoy the house as much. If you are taking the mortgage, shop around and keep an open mind. For example, if you are considering making rental income from the holiday house, considering a buy-to-let mortgage is recommendable.

While a buy-to-let mortgage needs a larger deposit, and the interest rates are higher, you can find a friendly option considering the property and potential rental income to the extent that the house pays itself, making it a smart financial move. You’ll make income to cover the mortgage and score a profit in the long run. Buying a holiday house in Kenya requires a sound financial mind, ensuring you can enjoy the house and not face significant friction like foreclosure as you can’t finance the mortgage.


You’ll never hear it enough; Location! Location! Location! It is the one thing you can’t change about real estate once you invest. You can knock walls down and build a new house, but you can’t move the lot to a different area. As such, paying extra attention to the location can’t be emphasized enough. When considering a holiday home, most buyers consider beach houses in mind. That’s a great start, but you also need a checklist to ensure you pick a great spot.

Accessibility, for example, is crucial. Proximity to facilities like shopping centers makes the house more comfortable. Safety also matters. After all, you don’t want a holiday home that gets broken into every time you leave. A safe neighborhood, accessible all year round, and close to excellent facilities is a great spot to pick when buying a holiday home.


When buying a holiday house in Kenya, do it with your heart and mind; this is easier with a checklist of must-haves. Start by considering the holiday house users. Will you be using it alone/with a partner, or is it a family unit you can also use with a group of friends? With such in mind, you’ll narrow down the must-haves such as the square footage, number of rooms, especially bathrooms and bedrooms, and other features that make the stay comfortable.

Your heart desires a beach house, but in your mind, you know that it could be too pricy to accommodate your situation and needs. So, how about considering an apartment instead? One with great views of the water and close to the beach, offering enough space and is easily accessible. You might only need to make a few sacrifices to land a dream holiday house, stressing the need to consider your heart and brain, not just one as you buy.

The big picture

Today, you are only seeing it as a holiday house in Kenya. How about in a few years; would you, for example, opt to shift? Thinking long term is essential, especially as you can avoid impulse buying. Falling in love with a certain house that’s only great for shorter stays is common, but that might not be the best investment. With the bigger picture in mind, you’ll buy a holiday house that can also be your dream retirement home; this makes it a great investment as shifting will be hassle-free. You already love the house and have made great memories in it with family and friends, meaning it’ll feel more like a home, unlike buying a new property.

Shop around

One of the worst mistakes you can make when buying a holiday house is rushing in. Don’t treat it like an emergency. Such an approach could see you skimping on important elements such as house inspections, which can come back to haunt you. You are also less likely to buy a holiday home you’ll treasure in a few years to come. Take your time to shop around, understand the market landscape, and buy at the right moment.

With listings such as on Hauzisha, you can explore an extensive pool of amazing real estate properties. You can even enlist a real estate agent to make the search more detailed. This way, you won’t buy the first house that pops on your search and seemingly mark more boxes on your checklist. With patience, you’ll find a dream holiday house, land a competitive deal, and ensure you employ the right measures, including thorough inspections before sealing the deal.

You have your finances ready, have picked a great holiday hose in an amazing neighborhood, done the inspection, and followed the legal framework to seal the deal. Congratulations, you are a holiday house owner, but are you prepared for what comes next?

Keeping the house in top shape can be challenging, especially as you won’t be around that much. Finding great tenants and managing a rental is also no cakewalk. When buying a holiday house, considering such elements is usually overlooked yet crucial. It doesn’t end when you buy since you must protect your investment. A simple hack is working with professionals like holiday servicing companies. You have someone looking after your property, making the process a breeze.