Your 23rd anniversary is almost here and you want to take your spouse to a dream destination. Read more to know about some tips to make your trip easier.

You have said “I do” and spent a long time with your loving partner- 22 years to be exact. So your 23rd anniversary is coming up and you want to make it memorable by going on a trip. Anniversary trips are very exciting and dreamy but need a lot of organized planning so that you don’t have to stress about it during the trip and can enjoy yourselves fully. 

If your partner is a man, you planning the trip could be your 23rd wedding anniversary gift for him. To make the occasion even more memorable, you can surprise him with a gorgeous and trendy silver plated bracelet.

However, unlike honeymoons for newlyweds, an anniversary trip should be customized in a way so that you can not only relax and benefit your mental health but also spark up your relationship with various activities according to your preferences. In this article, we have gathered our top tips to help you plan the most memorable and fun anniversary trip ever!

Plan in Advance

Since it’s your 23rd anniversary, you don’t want to plan on the go. It is always a smart idea to plan everything about your trip. Determine when you want to take the trip. A lot of couples prefer having a trip on the day of their anniversary to celebrate it there while others think a specific season would be a more appropriate time for them. So choose your date wisely. Keep in mind about your work vacations, plane fares, other occasions etc. 

Another thing to consider is how long you want the trip to be. Some couples prefer a weekend in the countryside while others choose a different country for a whole month. 

Another thing you should keep in mind is the budget. You should always plan your budget so that you can execute your plans well. Fixing a budget not only narrows down your choices but also stops you from wasting unnecessary money.

Pack Everything You Need

When it comes to packing, we tend to pack anything and everything we think might come in handy. This is not a good idea. Take only what you need. This will prevent you from worrying about missing out on things and also reduce your extra weight costs. 

Carry your travel essentials, like passports, money, camera, makeup, body spray, and outfits, but don’t go overboard. You can also make a checklist of the essential items you are carrying so that you don’t leave any important stuff behind.

Know About Transportation

Once you have chosen your destination, find out how you can reach there. It could be by air or road or even a cruise. You want your journey to be easy and comfortable. So choose the best pick for you within your budget.

Knowing about the routes and transportation facilities once you arrive at your location is also crucial. Now it’s just a click on Google Maps and you can easily view any shortcuts. Know about public transport and if there would be rented cars or Ubers available. If you are new to a location, you are an easy target for scams. So knowing exactly where you are going and the transport you are using is safe is a huge relief.

Which Hotel to Pick

Picking a hotel can be stressful. If the location is a crowded or popular tourist attraction, chances are low that you’ll get a walk-in reservation at a good hotel. There are numerous hotels available in every tourist spot and even in the countryside. Do your research based on your preferable location, services the hotel provides, costs, and transportation to other fun places from there. 

You may want to book a luxury suite for your anniversary. You may also want a special dinner arranged. Having swimming pools is an added advantage (a lot of hotels have private swimming pools too)! So book your hotel before your arrival so that you get the perfect stay with zero hassle.

Activities for Two

What is a vacation if you just sit inside the hotel room all day? There should be fun activities for both of you to enjoy to the fullest. A lot of hotels arrange pool parties, bar-b-q’s, concerts and many more. You can also opt for private helicopter rides with your partner and fly above the city! If you are going to a beach, you wouldn’t want to miss parasailing or scuba diving. List out what activities are available near you and the ones you want to try. Your travel agency or even the hotel receptionist can help you out with this information.

Plan a Surprise

What is an anniversary with no surprise? Make your anniversary trip with little or grand surprises for your spouse. A candlelit dinner by the beach, a bed filled with rose petals, and some quality time can surely make both of you go back 23 years back when you just got married! Make sure you don’t forget the red rose, an anniversary card, and a cute gift to complete the anniversary package!

Memories to Cherish

It has been so long since both of you stayed together in love. Surely you already had a lot of cherishable moments. But now that the two of you are alone, away from the worldly responsibilities of adults and parents, you want to make the most out of it. Take lots of selfies while you are on the trip. 

You might want to dedicate a separate Facebook or Instagram page for your 23rd anniversary. Collect souvenirs to remember the place. All these will bring you back to this trip over and over again every time you go through the photos or look at a piece you got from the trip.

To Sum Up

This anniversary trip is all about having fun and relaxing in the arms of your loved one. Make sure to plan well ahead. You may want to make an itinerary to ensure everything is organized. Take all the essentials you need (especially your travel documents), choose the right hotel, have lots of quality moments, and don’t forget to say “cheese” and click lots of photos!