Here’s the thing: parenthood is already expensive as it is when two people are sharing its burden. It gets twice as hard, though, when all of that responsibility falls to a single person.

While starting a business can certainly augment the budget, we understand why a lot of single moms are still wary of grabbing available opportunities. That’s because businesses are very time-consuming as well, something that is bound to be impossible to manage as a hectic parent. Wouldn’t it be better to resort to payday loans instead?

Fortunately, there are startup concepts out there that are just as profitable yet not as detrimental to valuable family time.

Consider What You Already Have

We also recommend looking into the ideas that:

  1. will mainly utilize your best skills and strengths; and
  2. will require gear and equipment that you already own or can easily borrow from others.

By doing so, you will be able to minimize any initial capital required as well.  With that said, let’s move on to those startup ideas!

The Best Small Business Ideas for Single Mothers

1. Child Care Services

Are your kids a bit older and won’t need much attention anymore? Or are you confident that you will be able to care for other kids while also caring for your own? Then you might want to consider starting an in – home preschool or childcare.

2. Pet Sitting Services

Caring for pets is also an option. Pet sitting is a service of caring for a pet while his owner is away. The extra effort it will take will be minimal for those who already have furry friends at home.

This hustle is also a good opportunity to teach your kids the value of responsibility. Getting them involved in your small business (especially the older ones) will not only make your efforts easier but will also serve as a great bonding activity.

3. Blogging

While blogging is usually considered as a passive income method, we still can’t deny that it can be quite time-consuming coming up with good content to write about.

That’s not a problem for a single mom, though! After all, you can always record you and your kids’ adventures as a mommy blogger. 

What’s more, is that you might also attract the attention of various companies and get sponsored for all the products that you already use as a mom, like diapers, grooming products, and more.

Not only will you have an income stream but you’re also saving money on groceries as well!

4. Vlogging

Those who don’t particularly enjoy writing might find vlogging a better medium to create and share content online.

This is even easier if you already enjoy shooting clips from your daily life and sharing it on social media. 

You’ll also get to enjoy the perks of getting sponsored as a social media influencer just as blogger moms do. 

5. Social Media Management

Speaking of social media, you might not be a content creator yourself but you do understand how trends work and how to utilize it to grow one’s online reputation.

If so, then you can look into social media management opportunities. 

Recent statistics suggest that an average adult already spends 38 minutes on Facebook daily. How about you? How much time do you spend on social media platforms? 

Why not utilize this time online to help other small business owners grow their brand and earn money instead?

Improving your social media management skills will also leverage both blogging and vlogging efforts.

6. Reselling or Drop shipping Products

It is always ideal to create your own products. And while we do recognize that a lot of moms out there dream of having their own Etsy shop, it is simply not possible for all of us.

We suggest drop shipping or reselling products instead. It requires less effort and you can even get the supplier to ship the items directly to your customer so you won’t need to bother about product handling and shipping anymore. 

7. Stock Photography

Do you enjoy taking photos of your little one? Do you mind having his pictures used as a stock photo for various websites? Or how about creating vignettes or taking photos of generic activities?

If the busy life of a portrait or events photographer is not for you, then why not consider stock photography?

All you need is a nice camera. Having proper light equipment is ideal but not required. You can simply depend on natural light in the meantime.

8. Online Course Creation

Do you have skills that you think will provide value to other people’s lives? Preparing an online course only takes effort to prepare, but once you have already set it up, it becomes a source of passive income.

People will continue signing up for it for as long as it’s available, after all.

9. Digital Products Creator

This leads us to the next startup idea. Digital products, like online courses, continue to get sold for as long as they are available online.

What’s great about this venture is you can automate the entire process from payment to fulfillment. No packaging and shipping required.

There are various digital products that you can opt to create according to your existing skills: eBooks, worksheets, printables, the list goes on.

10. Virtual Coaching

It can be difficult to navigate through parenthood as a new parent, and much more as a single mom. We are sure a lot of new moms out there would love to hear about how you managed.

Hence, instead of creating courses, why don’t you offer virtual coaching sessions? It will also allow you to connect to other people at a more personal level if you prefer.

Just make sure to schedule your sessions during the quietest time in your home, preferably when the kids are asleep or in school.

11. Personal Training

In relation to the previous idea, those who are confident with their fitness expertise can opt to provide personal training sessions too. 

This is a great service to offer to other single moms who don’t have the time and energy to go to the gym but still want to stay fit and healthy.

To Sum Up

There are certainly other business ideas that you can do as a single mom aside from the ones we have shared above. 

These are simply the ones that are most in-demand right now. 

In the end, it will all boil down to your personal strengths and preferences. In fact, feel free to pursue the business you are passionate about regardless if it will take most of your free time. 
Your enjoyment and fulfillment will compensate for your efforts, making it easier to overcome the challenges that you’ll surely face. Good luck!