If you are on the lookout for the perfect beach therapy, then it’s time for you and your family or friends to head out into the sunny exotic beach locales which you have been planning for a while. The breezy winds ruffling up your hair, the warm sand underneath your bare feet and the salty ocean water splashing against your skin – you certainly need a beach vacation.

But before you get all excited about this beach trip of yours, make sure that you are equipped with all the necessary requirements for the vacation; you simply cannot expect a setback while you are having a gala time at the beach. So, to avoid all kind of fiascos and ensure your next sand and surf trip to be the most amazing, check out these top seven essentials which you just can’t miss before venturing out for the beach.

1. Sand-free beach bag

Isn’t it amazing when you are enjoying the golden sand of the beach but when you return home, there’s sand all over and it’s hugely annoying! Try to get your essentials in a mesh tote bag so that the sand doesn’t stick to it for a long time.

Sand free beach bag


2. Water Bottles

Carry as much water bottles as you can during a beach trip to avoid dehydration. Since you will be spending some quality time under the sun and hydrating yourself is very important.  Honest Product Reviews has a great guide on the best water bottles. Read it before making a final purchasing decision.

Water Bottle


3. Sunscreen and Umbrellas

Unless you are planning to get a nice brown tan, don’t forget to carry the sunscreen lotions with proper SPF, suitable for your skin. Umbrellas are not only ideal for yourself but for the little ones who might want to rest under some cool shade of the umbrellas, after playing around on the beach.

Umbrella for beach


4. New Set of Clothes

Make sure you pack in extra clothes as you wouldn’t like to spoil your car interiors with your wet and damp beach bathed clothes. A quick change of clothes, like, shorts and tees, will save you from this dilemma.

Extra Pair of Clothes


5. First-Aid Kit

It’s better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it! Carry a first-aid kit along with medicines for nausea, vomiting or a headache, which might come handy in an emergency. You never know, the first-aid kit might be of sudden help during the beach vacation.

First Aid Kit Bag

6. Slippers

Rubber slippers or flip-flops are necessary when you take a walk towards the other part of the beach and there is a shift from not-so-hot sand to very hot sand. Carry them and you will never regret. There’s always the option to remove those flip-flops and run into the clear blue water of the it!

beach slippers


7. Fun Games for Family

Beaches are not all about spending time in the ocean, it’s about family bonding and what better way than some fun and entertaining games at the beach with your family members! Carry Frisbee, volleyballs, footballs and other exciting games and watch how you enjoy yourselves with the other family members. Time for some special moments with your peeps!

Frisbee game


Now that you are set for the beach expedition, don’t forget to pack in some extra blankets for drying yourself after a beach bath and those lunch containers for a delicious bite in-between your trip.